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  1. I use Dans BP but that only got me 90% clear.. the other 10% is due to my diet. Carbs I Eat: whole wheat or whole grain carbs, brown rice, brown rice cakes.. whole wheat pasta. Protein: Jay Robbs Whey protein.. Roasted Turkey, boiled chicken, might start eating a little fish. Vegetables: Any.. but i really only eat Baby Leafy Greens with my turkey wraps.. this is what I eat 85% of the time.. Whole wheat tortilla wrap, Naturally Raised In-House Roasted Turkey from Whole foods.. and Bal
  2. But, but, I AM GOD

  3. well, i might listen up if anything you said was based in fact, not ridiculous claims like "if you are depressed and take accutane, you will probably kill yourself" or "it will screw up the process of evolution" you have yet to show any evidence to support your claims. oh, wait, you know someone in high school that took accutane, that obviously makes you an expert in the field. there is absolutely no evidence to suggest accutane can cause hair loss years after it was taken, if that were the ca
  4. if accutane makes your hair thin it does it while you are on it, not 5 years later. my hair is still exactly the same as it was before accutane, sorry.
  5. talk to me about your quality life when ur bald @ 25 and your acne comes back repeatedly.. The only people I know that are older than 30 that took accutane (3 out or 3) , still get acne and still go on accutane.. I think that it delays you growing out of it and now you need accutane to stay clear. . . . . unless you are about to kill yourself I don't think anyone should go on accutane. I think there is a cure for everyone besides accutane. Plus if you are depressed and you go on accutane you
  6. accutane is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your body.. why wouldn't you try to get rid of your acne with something 100000000000000X safer.. People have reported side effect from accutane beginning 5-10 years later.. these include chronic fatigue syndrom, psychological problems, and organ failure.. I love how people think tane just dries you up. actually I hate it, and I hate drug companies for even making it and doctors for prescribing it.. God is Love...
  7. I use BP 3 times a day, I just don't use a full finger any of these times.. I use about a third.. its working great for me.. almost 100% clear and its been 2 months.. I also use a very small amount of SA wash once a day.. My skin is very dry and a little flaky at times... but I don't care one bit.. It gets better as I get used to the BP. God is Love.
  8. i would've stopped the regimen after spot 34.. I am not too educated on the DKR though, maybe it will clear up.. ? I would stop though. Eat a raw food diet for 2 weeks, the spots will clear. freeacnebook.com .. just don't stay on the diet too long, thats how I got an ulcer and bad GERD .
  9. I started using Dans BP and moisturizer about a week ago with fantastic results since beginning. I have been using a salicylic acid wash for a long time and can't imagine not using it.. This is why I call it DKR Extreme.. Is this doing more harm than good??
  10. o ya ive been all over the red mark forum. Just checking here to see if people had any solutions related just to the DKR. im so mad at it