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  1. Hi, first I need to tell you how I got to the state I am in...I used to expose myself to ALOT of sun, but not on a regular basis...but one i spent my day in the swiming pool, I spent like 5-6hours straight under the sun...I have a white and very sensitive skin. After few years I noticed a Loss of elasticity, and some pink color on my nose and cheeks. Some girl suggested for me to go see a doctor, he gave me some random cream and said that I have Rosacea...the cream irritated my skin, went to a d
  2. Hello, I have alot of problems with my skin, it all started with lite rosacea and using some random creams and pills, made my pores larger, skin lost it's elasticity and the condition got worst...NO i wont touch creams anymore, so dont even suggest that...Im looking for a professional laser dermatologist in Montreal area to restore my skin to it's normal condition plzzzz HELP!!! thank you!