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  1. Sharpey02

    Not good

    Not good

    It did nothing for my marks and definitely nothing for my pimples. Smelled bad as well.
  2. Not what I expected

    Hasn't helped with my breakouts at all which is a huge disappointment but I hear that works better with apple cider vinegar which I can't find anywhere. It's leaves my face smoothe and soft though!
  3. Tomato face

    Burned and literally turned my face into a tomato. I couldn't believe how red I got. It didn't break me out but for someone reason it was way to harsh.
  4. Sharpey02



    I didn't really notice it doing anything for my breakouts....it was just greasy and hard to apply. I'm not sure if I used it right but wouldn't use again.
  5. Good!

    After using too much benzoyl peroxide it really helps with dryness overnight! It's also light and feels amazing on the skin. It's helped with redness and hasn't broken me out!
  6. I'm a 14 year old girl who has suffered from mild/moderate acne since 7th grade. My acne isn't that bad, but it is breaking my self esteem. I'd say it's more stubborn. Mostly on my forehead but some in other places. I've tried everything from drug stores and even dumb expensive products. I'm pondering whether to try acne.org at all? Everything I try leaves behind red marks on my pale skin that seem to hang out for a long time. I want to get rid of acne for good but I'm scared to try the regimen?