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  1. i notice those who speak so well about vivant, failed to adress tim's issues. 1. what is zinc peptide? is it a sunblock like zinc oxide or antioxidant like zinc sulfate? they wont tell people that 2. octyl palmiate is the acnebook as one of the worst offender.s so why put it in lotion. i would prefer a alcohol free mandelic with added anti-irritants that calms skin
  2. for those who wantto social ldrink on weekend which are safer, beer or liquor? liquor obviously would have to mixed with water not soda. and for beer, light beer or dark beer (which has more alcohol) content? and dosemtic beer or foreign be safer? does foreign beer have more preservatives?
  3. which nuts and seeds have the least amount of omega 6 per serving? how much can you eat a day? i heard almonds are good as one example
  4. dr. perricoen sells as home acne led device at his website(www.nvperriconemd.com, i cant seem to download his webpage. can someone go there any copy and the paste the info he has on it with price to see if it is good.
  5. with PDT, smoothbeam/vbeam and the rest of the lasers for acne. after a series how many months each time do you need to comeback for a single maintenance treatment?
  6. one thing i have noticed. the sebum seems shiny in warmer weather season than in the winter. could it be in the winter the cooler dryer temps. does something to do the sebum onthe surface of skin were it doesnt look as shiny. eventhough you produce same amount all year round?
  7. did tedoctr say you haveto leave theshampoo onfae for a certain amont of time.are some shampoos less irritating for face?thanks
  8. what cleasners that are meant for the face not shampoos. and are only suppose to use like twice a week for mainteance.?
  9. i think using shapposon facewouldbe too irritating. are you suppose to use anti-dandruff facialcleansers for face. like ovace and others, and ocne clear using it twice a week for mainteance forever for prevention
  10. hi luv skin, i am glad you like the new day treatment lotion. others donot, including myself. my skin was clear. i started using the new zinc formula for a month and was getting clogged pores. so i stop using. and a few weeks later after my skin cleared again and has come back since i stopped using the lotion. others have told me the same thing taht is why i am posting this and telling them to tell vivant their problems.. Plus the last formula did not cause any problems. also the new formual le
  11. were you on topical or oral antibotics for a long time. did that cause it. i heardit goes away but it does take time
  12. hi.yes everyobdy nneeds to do this. even if not using vivant. it takes 2 minutes.
  13. yes. lets go people. everybody can do this. it take 2 minutes.