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  1. A gift from me to you. I have been struggling with this, well, forever. But it has been a much worse situation while on accutane. Anything I put on my face makes me break out. It just makes it oily and I don't think anything absorbs into my skin properly. Anyway, my skin has been crazy dry and I havent wanted to moisturize because I know that will break me out. I was talking to my bros girlfriend who works at a tanning salon and she bought me home a sample of dermalogica skin hydrating mas
  2. I am on accutane and the sun hasnt effected me yet. I usually burn easily, but it has had no effect on me thus far (in 2nd month). I also live in Florida, and it still hasn't gotten to me yet.
  3. missionary is right. I have noticed that if I get that clear stuff, I didn't get the solid core of the zit. It needs to be a clean process followed by blood. If you see that clear stuff, the pimple was not ready to be popped yet. It heals way faster if you get all the stuff out on the first round of popping.
  4. My lips are in rough shape. Real rough shape. I use vasiline 4 times a day. Load it on at night. I use neosporin in the sides where its cracked and nasty. During the day I try to put anything on them. I have chapstick, blistex, aquaphor. No matter what I do, they are cracked to hell. I am only on 40mg a day. My acne is still here and my skin is scaly and flakey. Every pimple has dead skin covering it. I wash 2-3 times a day because I work in a dirty shop. Sometimes with cetaphil, som
  5. I am not a doctor by any means but thats all my derm is doing for me. Just the middleman really. I will get 2 blood tests total, it doesnt even seem like hes worried about anything going wrong. I have only seen him twice, ever. Oh well, I really don't wnat to give blood every month anyway.
  6. Get accutane online. Its about $100 if you look around. I have insurance so I am going through my doctor but for $100 a month, I am thinking about getting it online just to avoid going to the doctor. I hate doctors. You can be taking 40mg a day which will probably work. I almost guarentee it will work. Take it for 5 or 6 months you should be good. It would be smart to get blood tests frequently.
  7. I dont know if anyone remembers me from a long time ago but the regimen never worked for me. I followed it to a "t". I still have 8 tubes of on-the-spot. Used it for about 2 years. It made me wayyy oilier than if I would have just washed my face and left the house. Applying moisturizer and BP was just too thick for my skin, After a few hours it would just promote even more oil. The regimen is not for everyone, I am on accutane now. It helped, but it was a lot of hassle. I never had a cle
  8. highly doubt that will affect anything...1 day of tane isnt that big of a deal.
  9. Doesnt seem like anything is too harsh for my face. SA, BP, all that stuff doesnt do anything. I am starting to think my accutane isnt working anymore. My face and lips are barely dry. I don't know whats going on. I am breaking out and getting oily like I was pre-accutane and I am a month into it.
  10. Well its not working for me right now, I am breaking out worse than ever. I look like hell. But, in a few months I hope all this shit will be over. And if its not, I dont know what I am going to do. Honestly, if this doesnt work...wow...I quit. Nearing the end of the first month, I had mild acne to begin with, I dont know why I am reacting so bad. It has pushed my mild acne to this. The pimples I am getting right now dont go away. They just chill. I get 3 new ones everyday and with the
  11. logically, I dont see how apply that stuff will make it worse. but, I guess I can kinda understand. It just seems like BP would help dry the pimple out, but if its doing more harm than good. Screw it. I am just sick of hiding in my room and breaking dates. I am telling you I thought I had this acne stuff beat. Then one day about 2 months ago, bam. Right before spring break. So now I have all these friends and girls to hang out with, and I just make bs excuses every night. People think I
  12. I think if you are take accutane and you are "perma-depressed" when you have clear skin, you are a head case. And if you think accutane, a few little pills a day, makes you psycho....well...believe me, it wasnt the tane that made you crazy. Accutane clears pimples, what you think it does to your head is all in your head. Screw, clinical studies....they are all bullshit. Accutane is the only reason I have even gone to the doctor in years. Accutane doesnt make me crazy, its saving me in the l
  13. I am on day 23. I have been getting the same zits you have. My face is basically immune to SA and BP. I dabbed a little BP on one of those spots before bed and it didn't help nor hurt. If your face reacts to BP I would try it. If you usually get flakey and irritated from BP I would probably skip it and let accutane do its thing.
  14. if you have scars that bad, tuff it out bro. You have paid for 3 months and you only will need 2 more. Once you clear you wont be getting any new scars. Also wait a few months after and do some microdembrasion. Actually check out ebay and look into those cloths. I like to buy stuff like that off ebay because of the customer feedback. If the product doesnt work, people will say so.
  15. Washed my face and a big pimple popped. I can see the hole in the middle where it popped. I think it is going to heal with yet another icepick scar. I was wondering what I can do to lessen the scar while the wound is still healing. Thanks.