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  1. so i finished up 6 months of accutane in october, and until i started it in march or whatever, my acne was HORRIBLE. huge cysts everywhere, you know the drill. so i have had clear skin until then, with only one or two pimples coming up every now and then, only to fade quickly away. so i went to see the derm about a month agoa and she put on me on Ziana. been rubbing it on every night. but now my right side is breaking out hugely, and its getting worse and much more oily. so i am going tomorrow t
  2. i jsut bought some after shave balm that has B5 in it (Nivea for Men), put on and like it really well, moisturizes nicely. will it mess my face up?
  3. mandyanne, i get those to. after i opened one up, same thing happened to me, except there was just this very deep open wound that even when i squeezed it nothing would come out. it was about a CM deep. i put some hydrogen peroxide in there and went outside and got some air and it was fine (scarred but healed) in a week.
  4. is there some sort of spot treatment cover up i could use thats for guys?
  5. dude whatever you do, dont peel off the dead skin on the big cysts, pimples/nodes, or any other big piece of dead skin. trust me.
  6. yea same. i look in the mirror and am like: stop looking here youll start peeling shit off. and i do, then i regret it.
  7. alright thanks. dolph how does that vid have to do with my post? its cool though thanks.
  8. ok. how long for this crap to heal up, counting the gray marks going away. hicuphinduchest, did you get the gray marks im talking bout?
  9. does proactive mask overnight/BP gel 10%/hydrogen peroxide help with anything?
  10. damnit. i can see on my lower jaw where everything is clearing up and smooth. but heres what happens. ill get these med. sized cysts, and big ass squishy pimples. around the perimeter of these thiings ill see a piece of dry skin. ill peel it off, but in the process it peels off either a. the pimple, or b. a big layer of skin over the cyst, either opening it up or just showing some raw skin. so ill wash my face, and regardless of whethher i put BP or Hydrogen peroxide on, they end up flat, hard
  11. well wat i did yesterday is i peeled it off, no blood or anything came out. now theres no pimple, but this huge red/gray mark.
  12. no its for sure a pimple. this mornign it was red like i said and i could see beneath it a yellow forming head. now its enormous and out of my skin. ill just leave it, hsould be gone by prom.
  13. well im now afraid to crank one out. thanks. but that is weird cuz ive been on accutane 2 months and im wonderfully milky white.
  14. i have this huge huge huge pimple forming next to my nose on my cheek, probaby a relic of the IB, and i can feel it coming and see the yellow under the surface. and its HUGGGGEE. what do i do? i dont want this for prom:(
  15. i cant help wanting to peel a huge flake of dry skin off even when i moisturize it and its still there but twice, when ive done that, it comes off and reveals not a pimple, but a huge, extremely deep hole in my face that either gushes pus/blood at first, or just sits there and even if i gently squeeze it nothing comes out at all. whats up?