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  1. from my experience, acne usually starts on the chin, forehead, and nose before getting to the cheeks. i'm certain accutane will clear your acne up no matter where it is.
  2. you should take the 40 and 20mg at night so you won't get confused.
  3. Same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I went to the doctors and told her I had a bladder infection and she gave me 6 pills and told me to take 2 a day for 3 days. It went away right after I took it. It's nothing serious.
  4. i find it funny(sort of) and sad when people with acne make comments like "i wish this person had acne" or "i wish he/she breaks out so i can feel better about myself", especially when talking about celebrities.
  5. i think you should go on accutane. i rather go on accutane when you have that kind of acne than wait till it gets bad.
  6. i never experienced an initial breakout but i did have horrible acne on my jawline/upper neck. after being on accutane for 3 weeks, it was gone. i think the only reason why it went down so fast was because it was inactive acne that just wouldn't go away. good luck to you.
  7. maybe it's not the gummy bears because it takes 1-2 weeks for pimples to form. it might be from the stress of seeing your boyfriend in 2 days.
  8. the face is harder to tan than the rest of the body and umm, it's not safe to be in the sun that long without some sunscreen.
  9. let your face do the talking. you also need a parent with you since you're 16, i had to bring mine. tell your mom or dad about the side effects and how you want to go on it before going to the derm.
  10. hey, good luck to you after tane! i have 7 days left and i have only a few dead red spots(hope the go away after tane).
  11. for me, the dryness is not bad. all i need is moisturizer and i can face a blizzard.
  12. i was on 40mg a day and it went well for me. my derm slowly upped me to 80mg a day.
  13. i took tylenol and my headaches went away