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  1. i just finished my doxy course after taking ever since july. i'm praying hard there won't be anymore breakout.
  2. i also have a case of oily skin. i think i should try to get my derm to prescribe me pills to lessen oil production. i used to have blackheads problem but after taking antibiotics;doxycycline since last july, i pleased with the results.
  3. to start with u barely even have scars hence theres nothing to be worried about. i'm sure ur skin will be perfect after the treatment. but after reading about the peeling; i'm actually scared to embark on this treatment. redness, peeling oh my.... and having to live with it for a week and having to go in for work in this state.
  4. just wondering how much do the scar treatments cost approximately at nsc. i'm contemplating to do a tca peeling after i'm off my antibiotics.
  5. no don't stop taking the antibiotics. from my experience, it took almost 1 month plus to see a significant improvement. the doc himself told me to have a lot of patience and not to expect any major changes in 2 weeks times. i've been on Doxycycline for 2 month now. still taking them regularly. initially i took 2 caps a day now only 1 cap a day. it is very important to continue it until the doctor asks you to discontinue it just be patience trust me.
  6. works on my acne too. but not so much on blackheads. currently still using differin
  7. out of topic: but hey there me too i still in school taking my diploma. final year in school and either working or studying. this fraxel thingy i heard cost a bomb. but i desperately need to clear up my scars or at least reduce this scarrings before starting work. problem is i have no $$$. and don't think my mom will be sponsoring any cash since she forked out thousands before for all those useless treatments to get rid of acnes. My acnes cleared up pretty well with good regimen, that place
  8. Used to have acnes on chest and back. theres scar on my back, my slowly its fading i only use those skin whitening cream, applying more mainly on the scars and thank God, it actually work. slowly fading. may not be helpful. just wanna share my experience
  9. oh my god, i also have the same problem. the so called blackheads have also reduced after the doctor prescribed medication. unfortunately, they still exist and yes do do left behind large pores. i'm being very patient and praying they would be gone soon.