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  1. Oh Yess great idea I'll figure something. Maybe AHA 4x a week and BHA 3x
  2. Cerave!!! Cetaphil is garbage in my opinion. The thing about cetaphil is that it is very heavy and doesn't absorb well. Also leaves a greasy/oily film. Recently I switched to cerave products and absolutely love it ! I can out a full pump on my face and within a minute my face will be mattified. By the way I have oily skin
  3. I get my differin by prescription only. I have never seen this product over the counter and don't think it's is.
  4. Hello I have been suffering with acne for a pretty long time .. I have finally started a regimen that is working but slowly.. I am on my 6th week and absolutely see improvement. let me start off AM- cerave foaming cleanser, witch hazel as toner, dans 10% glycolic acid, aveeno sunscreen moisturizer. PM- cerave foaming cleanser, differin retinoid,cerave moisturizing lotion. since my acne is 90% comedonal I thought using glycolic acid would clear my closed comedones completely, but me having to
  5. very good

    i use this daily and has no side effects! also has helped with clogged pores and dark spots in as little as 2 weeks :)
  6. vadaxin

    very good!

    very good!

    i love this product! i use this once a week as a mask for a couple hours then exfoliate the dead skin! leaves face smooth and helps acne vanish :)
  7. burns!

    this product irratated and burned my skin !! plus didnt even work
  8. clogged pores

    this product is very good for softening skin and exfoliation but over time this will clog your pores! i would recommend their oil free formula thoe works great.
  9. not effective

    doesnt really work, your better off with sulfur as a good spot treatment
  10. vadaxin



    this is my weekly mask ! sucks up oil and all imputies on the first application. the only reason i give this product4 stars is because it is extremly minty and when applied it stings my face so bad to the point tears run down... after a couple seconds it feels very good and all pain goes away ! dont let this scare you i love it and would recommend it to anybody who wants a good working clay mask!