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  1. Skin is getting much clearer due to topical use. Diet has been far less than perfect (thank you, Halloween) so I can really only attribute it to topicals.
  2. If you have a problem with cow whey, then you can try goat whey, rice protein, or hemp, or buy a few and cycle them. and do raw eggs break you out? or just when they're cooked? If you can handle raw eggs then an egg/coconut oil/cinnamon type blend can be very nutritional.
  3. Amazing! So you got these results from Mino, Differin and Duac? Could you describe your regime a bit more? Thanks!
  4. Definitely mild! With a bit of make up I don't think anyone would ever notice you had any skin issues at all. Best wishes.
  5. Current status: Moderate to Severe acne, all over face Past status: Persistent acne for the past 6 years. Periods of Mild acne/near clarity due to the help of restricted diet and OTC treatments. Plan of Action: Diet: Monday-Friday -drink lots of water and non-caffeinated tea -eat only organic veggies, fruit, meat and eggs Weekends as above except.. -organic goat dairy permitted -gluten free grains permitted Supplements: -going to try B5 soon -taking Zinc, Chromium, B Vitamin, Iron suppleme
  6. Judging by your most recent pictures, your skin looks great. I would commit illicit crime for skin like yours! Seriously, keep doing what you're doing and just fooorgeeet about it. You don't need to be on this site. Silly boy!
  7. I'm pretty sure there are Retin-A generics available that would likely be much cheaper. Do some research on that..you can probably order it from an online pharmacy. Also..in regards to your routine.. Are you doing BP every morning, and just Retin-A every evening? or are you alternating at all? thanks, and good luck!
  8. I've had acne for ages. I'm sick of it. Every day I spend forever putting on "my face" and this is getting pretty old. Plus I'm becoming more and more convinced that the makeup-mask that I put on every morning is a heavy contributor to my acne woes in the first place. HARUMPH. As an experiment, I've been wearing a hat a lot lately so that I can avoid putting makeup on my forehead area. Interestingly enough, this area is slowly clearing (really nicely in fact). Meanwhile, the rest of my face is
  9. matcha is wikkked. I went through a bit of a matcha binge last year, and that was pricey... keep in mind though that matcha is loaded with caffeine, so if your skin is sensitive to that, steer clear!
  10. and nutritional yeast flakes are so tasty too!! Perfect if you're one of the many who are avoiding dairy but are missing cheesy flavours.
  11. You shouldn't take any psyllium fibre when taking other supplements. Also, I probably wouldnt take it with other nutrients that I would hope to absorb (like in a fruit smoothie). Instead, I like to make a snack of it and I space it between meals. banana+almond milk+psyllium=a filling and fairly tasty mini-meal. Although...on second thought... the reason psyllium fibre may be helpful to the above poster may be because he takes it WITH meals, because I think fibre with other foods helps to sl
  12. Ok...here is what they suggest...(I'm generally pretty wary of taking vitamins on their own in large doses, but I think it's worth posting anyways.) They have their nutrient suggestions organized under the labels of "Very Important," "Important" and "Helpful." Next they discuss "Herbs" and then finally they offer some other "Recommendations" and "Considerations." (I'll post in in a few parts because it's pretty long) Part 1. Nutrients: Very Important- -Acidophilus (as directed) -Chromium Pic
  13. It sounds like it could be detox...I would say keep it up for another few weeks, make sure your face is totally clean before working out, and then reevaluate things. I went away to a hot place for a few weeks, and my face responded unfavorably (sigh). I was sweating a lot more than normal, and I was breaking out a lot more than normal as well. What I noticed though is that it seems I broke out in areas where I had had, for the longest time, several little, lingering clogged pores. What I'm ho
  14. "Fish burps" are common for people that have trouble digesting fats. If you pop a digestive enzyme that breaks down fats (one that contains lipase) at the same time as taking your pill, it should stop that completely, and make your absorption that much better. I read that on a fish oil brand's website, on the FAQ page, several months back. It really does help.
  15. I've got the new, 2006 edition, and there's a fairly good chunk of info on preventing acne (mostly nutrional/supplemental, but there's some tips for topical treatment.) I'd be happy to post the basics, but I want to make sure first that it's not floating around here somewhere...