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  1. Hi. This is my thread about my hairloss, and accutane causing Massive hair loss. i am a male, 17 years old. i started accutane 2 years ago, started shedding massively on month 2, my dosage was 40mg first 2 months, 80mg 3rd and 4th month, 100 mg 5th month. when i started losing hair massively i talked to my doctor about it hey says that after 2 week of ending the course your hairloss will stop and will regrow, so i didn't bother my self about it, so after i finished my course
  2. does anyone losing hair? did it stopped or reduced to anyone? thanks
  3. thanks for your reply no im happy all the time , and im losing like 500 hairs a day im really scared to go bald im just 19 , no one in my family is bald not a single one , i will do or pay any amount to any one who can help im so sad about my hair
  4. hi guys , any fix for hair loss? im shedding everywhere , body , and head hair , im so scared its almost 1 year now
  5. help me please! i will be bald soon please anybody knows Chico method how he stopped his hair loss ? help me please
  6. Hi , i took accutane almost 1 year ago , since that time i started losing amazing amount of hair , i also have bone and muscle pain that i can ressist , im losing 200-300 hair a day , i lost 50% of my hair , iv spent more than 30k for testing and doc visits , im losing body hair aswell not just head hair, i just want to fix the hair issue , like Chiko Esposito , he claims that he fixed his hair issues , if anyone know what he did tell me please , because he keeps ignoring me for whatever reason,
  7. Hi, There is nothing called TE from accutane .. your problem is that the med is till now in your body , you need too remove it .. hope you recover soon