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  1. I've really tried to think of it, and the only common element I could come up with for the last two or three times I've had an "itchy patch" was I had recently come from outside during (relatively) humid weather. But I hadn't been exerting myself, and didn't feel uncomfortable at the time. But I suppose it's at least possible. Or maybe I'm allergic to something I'm coming across when outdoors? Or none of the above. Who knows, but I'm trying to gather as much info as I can to give the doct
  2. Wynne: Thanks for your opinion, it seems like you've been a great help and resource here. I've started taking pictures of the "itchy patches," before and after, in order to actually show the doctor. As tends to happen, the day of my actual appointment it seems to always be a rather run-of-the-mill skin day, and to have the photos ready instead of just clumsily trying to describe the phenomenon may be a better bet. Hopefully the photos will help the doctor help me. Yes, the overall redness o
  3. Thanks for all the great info, everybody. My appointment with a 3rd dermatologist is next Tuesday, and I think I'll keep it and write down many of these questions and possibilities. Again (for the third time, actually), the guy's no slouch and well regarded (I think he lectures at the Harvard Medical school...but so does one of the others I've seen), it's more a question of whether or not he'll take me seriously and give me the time of day. My mistake with the last derm--who was very nice and
  4. One of the things that frustrates and confuses me the most is, aside from the sunburn looking redness (as I said before, pretty much over my entire face, not just in the most common "rosacea areas"), is the shininess. Sure, it's shiny when it's oily, so that makes sense. But it's shiny--especially on the cheeks and temples--when it's bone dry right out of the shower. To me, this "permanent" problem at least implies that my skin is highly and fundamentally irritated. I don't know what in the
  5. That's just the problem: I can't diagnose myself, for a number of reasons. The permanent redness makes it more difficult to tell exactly how significant "flushes" are, because I'm red anyway. I know I get redder during very hot weather or heavy exercize, but isn't that common of all fair complexion people? I don't know if some/any of the redness of that sort of "flush" lingers, because my face is already red so I can't see it. I look at my blemishes, and see both. I see whiteheads, but I al
  6. Howdy: I've posted here a few times, as over the last few months (since April-ish) I've really dedicated myself to (a.) figuring out exactly what the problem is with my skin and (b.) treating it as well as possible and learning what NOT to do to it. I've posted in far more detail elsewhere, but here's a really brief recap: I had acne as a teenager, most severe (although never cystic, more like "significantly moderate") when I was 17ish. At the age of 19 or 20 it was much better, but never cl
  7. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by redness in your case, however, I've read that if you do have something like rosacea, while avoiding "triggers" and harsh topicals not designed for the condition can help stop your from exacerbating the condition, nothing other than actually treating the rosacea will cause the already present symptoms to go away or at least be reduced. Again, based on what you said I have no idea what your skin actually looks like nor am I capable of diagnosing it even if I
  8. Well, back from my quick appointment with my original dermatologist (I was going to have a couple stitches removed, but also to ask questions about my new regimen). Anyway, I had completely dropped all acne products for a week after the pictures I took above. I should note the extreme redness of those pictures reduced (although, as I said, my face is always red). And, in that short week, in case I had any illusions about not needing to use anything anymore, although they were all rather small
  9. When I say whiteheads, I mean the lesions with a "white head," but they are almost always very small, and as I said, are probably not the majority of the blemishes I get. I had two very small ones on either side of my nose the other day, but they've already both disappeared. The last one I had that was at all significant in size (still small in the great scheme of things, but on the bigger and more inflamed size for me) was about 3 weeks ago, and is already completely gone with absolutely no s
  10. Okay, I've made up my mind. I'm off acne topicals of any kind for awhile, no matter what. Even if I break out. Yes, I'll feel bad. Yes, I'll be embarrassed. But I already feel embarrassed with my "permanent severe sunburn" that shines like a hubcap even when completely non-oily and dry. I don't know what to do in the meantime. I definitely have oily skin. I definitely do get whiteheads (though things with clear no-question-about-it whiteheads don't seem to be the majority of "blemishes")
  11. Yeah, the acne itself is fairly hard to see at the moment and not too bad. Those spots that are there are actually almost hidden by the overall redness. The thing is, the redness was not much less in the long, long time before I was using benzoyl peroxide products. I was using Clenia for two years, and only at nights, and the redness all over my face was still there. I'm a little afraid to go cold turkey, and only wash my face with some kind of really sensitive cleanser, because I'm afraid I
  12. Thanks for the input. The fact it's so evenly distributed also makes me think it may not be rosacea, but I'm not expert. While it may be a little more significant than usual right now (I'm not too sure...I don't often take close up pictures of my face in that sort of lighting), even before the benzamycin gel the red, shiny nature of it was present. And even before I was using the brevoxyl creamy wash and was using just Clenia (a fairly mild sulfur-based wash) at night, it was pretty much the
  13. No, that's the frustrating thing. As far as I know, neither of my parents ever had acne. Certainly nothing significant, if at all. Maybe they had a few pimples when they were 16, but when I once asked them they couldn't even really remember. My younger brother, 2 1/2 years younger, may have had about 4 zits in his life. My skin is much, much redder than his as well. While I'm obviously not as sure about this, I don't think any of my cousins ever had significant acne problems. Maybe one of
  14. The pix showed up. Any thoughts? Rosacea, perhaps? Aggravated by a new prescription (benzamycin gel, 4th day of use) and by using benzoyl peroxide or sulfur acne meds so regularly over a decade in general?
  15. Obviously, it appears the pictures need to be approved before they will show up. In any event, as I said above, is the fact that my redness permeates my face (not just cheeks and middle forehead, but all over through cheeks, all of forehead, nose, temples) suggest it ISN'T rosacea, or does that make no difference? I'm seeing the doc again in a week and change, and I suppose I can ask him (but I'm wondering if he'll give me the time of day), but if this could be rosacea, using brevoxyl and benz