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  1. When I eat certain foods, particularly sugar and dairy, I breakout, and so when I totally avoid these foods my skin is 90% clear. I've been eating like this for 6 months now but it's really difficult. So i was wondering if using a retinoid would stop me from breaking out as much even if my acne is caused by food?? Does it work that way or will the only thing that keep me clear just be not eating those foods? Also, I know that most people experience an initial breakout from retinoids but if I
  2. I found that dairy and sugar cause my acne. I've cut it out for nearly 6 months and my skin improved but now I'm getting annoyed and upset from living with the paranoia that everything I eat will break me out. I'm sick of even a little bit of sugar and dairy giving me a spot and i miss eating these foods even as an occasional treat. I feel so antisocial sometimes having to be so strict with my diet, especially as I already can't eat gluten, then now I can't eat dairy and sugar. It makes me kind