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  1. From my experience (been on the regimen for years), dry skin always has a bad effect on my acne (i.e. i breakout more). It's the irritation from dry skin that i believe causes extra problems, so my advice would be to not underestimate how important well moisturised skin is and sort that out asap. You could either try using less BP or try a different moisturiser. I have to use a combo of jojoba oil (after i wash my face but before BP) and the ridiculously expensive (but really good) eucerin dry
  2. Yup, there's no doubt about it, the bottles are awful compared to the tubes. You just don't have the same control. Someone wrote on here that one pump doesn't bring out enough and two pumps brings out too much. This is very true.
  3. Isn't there a specialist you can see about this CJ1986? Ask your doc if he can refer you to someone.
  4. You'll be fine with fillers. I've had absolutely no complications. Not tried subcision myself but i would imagine it would be fine too. I think some lasers and dermabrasion are the main things to be wary of when it comes to brown skin.
  5. Yeah i am not normally aware of my scars in my dreams, but there was this one time when i dreamt that my scars were a lot worse than they actually are. I tell ya, i woke up with a real feeling of panic that day - not nice.
  6. I'm not 100% but think that maybe Julie at Bio2Clinic might do it. Check out the website and contact her
  7. Wow, nice to see some success around here lol. Congrats!
  8. Hey libertine yea i ve had 3 now with dr chu!! I would say i have had a definate improvement but as for how much it is hard to give exact details!! Lets just say that 6 weeks post this one i really hope to see decent improvements!! As a treatment itself i really think it is one of the best out there considering results, downtime and possible side effects!! I see having these treatments with dr chu as nothing to loose at all and all to gain!! Cool, this is something i'd like to try in the f
  9. Hey snowman, How would you say your results have been from dermarolling so far? You've had quite a few now, right?
  10. Good luck with that mate. Seems like this has been more of a nightmare than the acne scarring itself.
  11. IMO it does get worse as you get older (has for me anyway). But as i am still fairly young (22) i attribute most of this to constant use of BP. I rarely get acne anymore (dans regimen is doing a good job), but over the last year or so my pores seem to have gotten huge, and i'm pretty sure its the BP. Unfortunately i can't come off it because i'll breakout and end up with a ton of new scars.
  12. Tom, thats obscene that your brother rips into you. In the 5 years i've been dealing with scars no one has ever mentioned my scars, and quite frankly i would be devestated if they did. I would descibe my scarring as moderate (maybe mild-moderate overall as my left side ain't that bad compared to the f***ed up right side) but even still, it gets me down more than i can cope sometimes. Exercise is definately a good thing to do, helps me:)
  13. I think whats clear about fraxel (from reading this board) is that if you have mild scarring there is a decent chance of improvement. That improvement may be 10% it may be more but you should get something. On the other hand i have seen many posts that say fraxel has done very little for deep scarring (maybe softened the edges slightly) so thats something to consider as well. I personally wouldn't recommend fraxel for anyone with a lot of deep scars, but hey, if you've got money to burn then w
  14. I had hydrafill filler done about a month ago. A couple of scars responded quite well but others didn't have any improvement. Thankfully nothing got worse. So far, the results have more or less stayed the same. I don't know if i'll have it done again because for the cost (£235) the improvements weren't worth it, but having said that i really believe that results depend on the type of scars you have (and the doctors skill as well of course). I would recommend finding a good doc with experience