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  1. I really hate seeing unanswered threads like this Acne can be caused by numerous things. I had a similar situation to yourself, did everything 'right' and 'healthy' apart from the odd drink / takeaway... Whilst I watched all my friends binge, smoke, etc etc... And I was always the one with the bad skin. I ended up putting my down to genes. Some people say this is bullsh*t, but I'm 90% that the cause for me. As far as scars and treatment goes, what kind of scars do you have can you descri
  2. www.greenpeople.co.uk do a fantastic organic one, not sure if they ship out of the UK though. Next time you see your derm, ask him for some 'Hydromol.' Honestly, you will not regret it, it smells shit, but it's the best thing for hydrating I ever came across. It's like solid soap, but add water to it then rub, and it works wonders!
  3. Apply ice to your cyst around 3 times a day, for a about 10 minutes each time. That usally reduces swelling a little. Remember not to let the ice touch your skin, keep it in a bag or cloth! You could also try popping ibuprofen to the max limit each day, that's supose to help. I tried both and they did reduce the swelling over a period of time. The best thing I found was the injection from a dermotologist. It takes literally days to go down after that. However mine didn't go all the way down, so
  4. I've thought this myself. When I get up, my skin is slightly dry but looks pretty clear. Once it's washed all my scars come through and it looks a hell of a lot worse, but I daren't risk not washing... I'd advise you to wash it in the mornings, seen as though you've just spent 8+ hours rolling around in your pillows, there has to be some kind of dirt in them? Meh, we did have no water for a few days though, so I had to just moisturize without washing. Things went pretty well, I didn't get any b
  5. You seem like a really funny guy! Good luck buddie!
  6. I get the injection from my derm and take constant doses of ibuprofen. Helps a little. By the way, pantera rule metallicas' arses
  7. I have some in the cupboard but am scared to use it. When do you apply bio oil? After you've washed your face? After you've moisturized? How often etc?
  8. Thanks for the reply dude. I'll give green tea bags a go. Tried it before and it came to a head once, just came straight back once I poped it though..
  9. I've had a big one under my eye for 5 months now. 4 injections has done nothing. So I went back to the derm today and he told me it could help to massage it every now and again. What good is that going to do??
  10. If you say your face used to be almost perfect, do not even consider the accutane. It will probably make things worse, thats all it did for me. Infact accutane is what brought on my cysts! Also totaly destroyed my life. If you just have the 2 cysts, ask the derm for the injection, that'll work far better than the accutane. For now, just keep putting ice on them like 3 or 4 times a day.
  11. Dermotologist, a doctor that specialises in skin care. Haha i wonder how many typeo's i just made!.. You could try a hot compress to bring it to a head quicker, then pop it maybe? Worked for me kinda...
  12. I've had a big red cyst under my eye for 4, going on 5 months. They suck, I hate them Anyway. How I got it to a head: Boil the kettle and fill a bowl full of the boiling water. Throw in some green tea bags, i use 2, and mix it all up. Chuck a flannel/towel or whatever into that mix and let it soak for a few minutes. When the water cools down a little so that it won't burn you, hold the towel to your face and wait for it to cool down. Keep doing this untill all the mix in the bowl is cool. I thi
  13. www.greenpeople.co.uk They have a huge range of organic products
  14. Keep popping the ibupfrofen as often as aloud, put ice on it a few times a day and see if that helps!