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  1. hang in there.. I had the worst break out at week 4 and then it started clearing. Best results 6 months in. Be patient!
  2. It took a good month! The first 3 or 4 weeks my skin actually got worse! Everything trapped under my skin came up And I even got a couple small cystic ones. You have to give it time. The stuff is a miracle drug and I'm still only taking 50 mg
  3. I did have some small clogged pores and that's where it all started. Most of those are gone and getting facials helps since they can be lanced. There is a cream I was prescribed but the pharmacist said redness and pealing are common with it. It is sitting in my medicine cabinet because my skin only has like 3 of those little clogged pores currently so it's not worth the irritation from that cream right now!
  4. That's how I started on one cheek. After a year I started breaking out for real. I'm on spiro now but Still have maybe 5 of Those on that same one cheek. Facials can help because they can lance them but they seem to come back. When extracted hey don't bleed. Sort of like old clogged pores that sit there. I see my derm in a couple weeks and I plan on asking.
  5. I need to get some more in depth hormonal testing like you, but now that I'm on spiro it might mess with the results. I only had my total testosterone tested which was at 25. That is supposed to be good but I still had the hormonal acne going on and PCOS. I have heard a lot about DIM too but I would need a doctor to guide me before I start taking supplements.
  6. My skin has cleared back up now, knock on wood! Still on 50 mg daily. I added a multi vitamin that contains vitamin D3 and zinc into my daily regimen. I don't know if it helped clear me but couldn't hurt. So true. Sometimes I question these doctors and their knowledge. I have been taking a multi vitamin the past couple weeks in addition to the spiro. Nobody offered any in depth blood work for me. Only had the most basic hormonal blood panel done. I am so glad that you found a solution
  7. On 50 mg since the start which was nearly 4 months ago. Would like to keep my dosage here if possible. Have noticed some menstrual issues like spotting and my last period came within 3 weeks of the last. Hope you don't experience any of that.
  8. I had been under the impression that 50 mg is the standard low dose for treating acne with Spiro. A lot of people on here and the net seem to be on 100 mg even. I would give it some time and see if anything changes. I actually started breaking out worse at about two and three weeks in and then it was over. My skin has been remarkably better. I did experience like 3 pimples the past week or so which sent me into freak out mode. Keeping a close eye on my skin currently.
  9. I'm fairly certain they dismissed me because I am small, not trying to conceive, and didn't have high total testosterone. She literally said if I don't have a period for 4 months I'll have I come back and get "cleaned out." I still had periods but they were every 42 days. Longest space was 46 days. Something must have happened in my body to set this off at a later age in life. Wish I had my androgens specifically checked because I was having acne so something was off! Have you heard of Ov
  10. Thank you I hope so too. This past week I actually had a little bit of a break out. Like 3 or 4 small ones and I started getting really worried again. I'm going to see what happens. If it gets worse I might ask for my dose to be increased.
  11. Are you being treated by an endocronologist? I was told I had PCOS in November. I just had one polycystic ovary and the blood work showed my LH hormone being triple the LH hormone. The GYN didn't seem concerned about checking for insulin resistance or anything further. My only symptoms have been longer than normal cycle and of course acne. Seems like everyone has had thorough testing and ive been brushed off. They literally only suggested I see a dermatologist for my skin since i'm not try
  12. Do you have PCOS? This is interesting because I thought Metformin was used to treat insulin resistance. Share the results if it starts working.
  13. Have you seen the dermatologist yet? Before I started actually getting real pimples a had a bunch of little tiny skin colored bumps on the left side of my face. It wasn't as severe as what you have, but I wondered what it was. A rash? Irritation from something? Figured out they really were clogged pores down the road. They are starting to go away with spironolactone but I did notice a few today. Left cheek as always. When messed with, they usually turn into a full on pimple.
  14. Amen to that. I have read a lot about people going on these super strict diets. Essentially eliminating everything! I don't know how you can live like that long term.
  15. Hey did you take that saliva test and get he results?? I wish I had taken one before started medication.