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  1. sorry i don't have time to read all of this thread...but do i need to take something else if I'm taking Udo's Choice?
  2. i think i have nature's way, but I don't see myself buying any more of the stuff. It hasn't seemed to help me at all, and my skin is slightly worse than when i started.
  3. this sounds intriguing...but i don't need to lose weight at all really...thoughts about this product in relation to that?
  4. it doesn't seem to be doing wonders for me, as well... i think it was a tad over hyped, and not enough people did any research about it...
  5. Ok, so I'm a guy with incredibly frizzy curly hair. I can control it with stuff like frizz-ease, but it makes me break out due to it basically being oil and silicone i think. What is something I can use that won't break me out like crazy?
  6. started it two days ago...haven't noticed a ton right away but I'm giving it a few weeks before I say anything about it.
  7. so, im sold on buying some of this stuff...just, is it better to get the youngagain supplement(high dosage, but you only take it once a day) or the natures way supplement(lower dosage, but take it twice a day)... does this stuff have absorption issues that would make it better to take lower dosage a few times a day? Because I would rather just add 1 more pill to my daily pill intake than 2+
  8. awesome chart...like others were saying not complete but still an awesome starting point for anyone trying to destroy their acne from the inside(and tips for care on the outside)
  9. i'm going to try just a bit of conditioner in my hair today...see how that works.
  10. check out this link for more info: http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/go/index.php/389/why-you-should-go-no-poo/
  11. we do this because shampoo contains harsh detergents which strip your hair of natural oils which make it softer. Conditioner is merely putting those oils back into your hair. If we had soft water, soap would be far better for our hair, but we have hard water, at least in our showers, and we need shampoo...which isn't really good for your hair. And btw, since I stopped using shampoo and conditioner, I don't get zits on my forehead anymore. And even though I doubt the shampoo itself did anythi
  12. so i've been doing the whole no poo method...not washing my hair at all. I really like it a lot, my hair feels so much better and softer, not to mention the money I'm saving using no harsh shampoo and such. my only question is that after i workout and sweat and stuff i think i have a slight odor to my hair...i think it goes away but that could just be me adjusting to the smell. Anyone else not washing their hair using shampoo and get this?
  13. does anyone know what kind of purification system drinking fountains(bublers) have? If any?
  14. well, i'm in college in a dorm room. Meaning that a blender + the fruits + vegetables would be somewhat hard to keep sitting around. And I don't have a personal kitchen and stuff so it would be slightly difficult. I might try the powder stuff out to see how it works and then maybe this summer when this recipe is possible i can try it out.
  15. since I'm in college it's somewhat hard for me to make things like this. So I was wondering if you guys thought that things like green powder or wheat grass could be a substitute to doing this? Here's a link for a type of green powder: green powder and then wheat grass is pretty self-explanatory