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  1. 1 year anh a half post tane.. my skin still has a little acne but is much much much better! No oil thats my biggest achivment ; 30 mg a day Good luck everyone and never loose your hope! Cheers from a Romanian friend
  2. for me .. about 5 months after .. side effects .. i mean flushing .. redness and shedding. Now i feel really good Thanks accutane
  3. It is always a pleasure to come back on this forum which helped me a bunch with my acne .. and after with my shedding. It passed exactly an year since i finished my tane treatment(6 months- 30 mg) , and i am finally glad of my hair condition... i cant say im the happiest man on the planet regarding my hairline but finally my hair is starting to get that shape it had before ... When i remember those showers i was taking and letting over 100 hair im getting scared... coz now i loose during showe
  4. let me tell you something that apparently helped : sulphur soap ; thy it .. my sclap seems to get healthier since im using this
  5. You were a real pilon for us lamarr.. i really appreciate your trustfull help and your kind words. If you think this is the moment to go is ok but im sure you still have alot to say in this case; Anyway no matter what you`ll do for the future i wish you good luck and a real Thanks from a Romanian Friend; Paks
  6. Its a pleasure for me to read your posts especially from ppl who "studied" this area of hair loss caused by accutane. Some discussions are too techique for ppl like me , who didnt have enough time and patience to get deep inside the problem, but certainly helpfull. Lamarr is our point to start from... great hair before -> accutane course -> awfull situation, hairloss, shedding etc -> and finally the hair came back.. but its not the same for everyone. As i consider you from now on a s
  7. I cant wait to see your progress lamarr, after reading ur experience from the beggining , reading ur daily updates , falling and now rising . I wish i could pass over a such experience like yours , but i have the hope with me and never give up. I bought a product called HairGrow , with the basic ingredient : minoxidil 2% , im gonna watch the progress of my hairline for a month or 2 and see if it works .. if now im gonna take the next step : a steroid cream, and of cours keeping an eye on this th
  8. yep .. i had 5 IPL sessions for my redness.. which didnt help much for my established aim but seems that helped with my flushing and my oiliness.
  9. Thanks for the answer lamarr .... i will continue using CP serum along with emu oil even that i dont see a major difference on my hair condition. The only thing i remarked after starting applying CP & emu is that im not shedding like before.. this is a great thing .. the shedding has been really reduced, but my hair is as thin and messy as before , no improvment really. My hair was almost black before starting tane.. and now almost an year apart it has a color close to blonde.. a damaged co
  10. hey mikey .. did b5 vitam help with your hair condition... or only for acne side? Im another ex tane consumer who still has hair problems after this venture? My hair is so thin that i think in 3,4 year im gonna loose it for all . btw lamarr1986 , CP serum did help you? Im using it for 2 months now but no result i think..
  11. i passed over this experience as well while being on tane.. but now .. almost 11 months away i dont have any problem with flushing and oily skin. Depends from a person to another... but im sure that with time passing your skin will regulate and adjust these inconvenniences
  12. The same thing happens to me. lol How many months off tane passed ? Im 7 months off but my hair condition is still a mess. Also when i wake up my hair looks very weak and thing and after a few hours becomes stronger; I will try getting some emu oil and jojoba and some others , mix them and put it on my hair ; Lets see how it goes.
  13. hey guys do you think emu oil does really help against seb derm? I read some reviews about this and i might try it!