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  1. Best I Could Find

    I tried many different brands, including Paula's Choice PC4Men Shave which is much more expensive, and found that this was the best option for shaving. It has some questionable ingredients for a "sensitive" shaving foam but it doesn't seem to irritate my skin.
  2. MatthewAO

    Waste Of Money

    Waste Of Money

    I have owned a Clarisonic for over a year, and my verdict is that it was a waste of money. It has made a minimal improvement to my skin, and the ongoing maintenance (cleaning & replacing brushes) is extremely tedious. I recently bought a Foreo Luna for Men and saw instant results, plus there is zero ongoing maintenance required. Don't bother with the Clarisonic when there are better alternatives available.
  3. Noticeable Long-Term Improvement

    This soap made a significant improvement to acne on my back/arms over a period of 3 months. However, when the soap is applied to my face, I get awful breakouts every time. This still gets 5 stars from me though, and I will continue to buy it until Triclosan is banned here too.
  4. Huge Impact

    While ACV hasn't been a cure for me, it has secured a place in my routine. I apply it as a diluted toner (50% water 50% ACV) after shaving my face (every 3 days), and on the following day my skin is usually much clearer than it would have been without ACV. I don't use ACV most days or if I'm going outside, because it has an overwhelming scent, but it is good to use after shaving or at night. Make sure you buy an organic brand with The Mother included (it will say on the bottle). Braggs, Melrose
  5. Not Convincing

    ACV has been a great topical for me, but I'm not convinced it does much as a drink. Even when diluted, ACV can be quite harsh on your throat, and it's not very pleasant to consume.
  6. Worthwhile Purchase

    This is another "I never write reviews" review, but I was so impressed with the Foreo Luna for Men that I had to share my experience. I have tried many expensive products over the years, including the distinctly underwhelming Clarisonic, but after a single use of the Foreo I was convinced that I had finally made a worthwhile purchase. I use the Foreo for the full timer with Paula's Choice Clear Cleanser, and during the past month my skin has been consistently clearer than ever before. Highly rec