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    I'm a 26 year old mom to 2 awesome kids. I love vegetarian cooking, recycling, fixing up my old house, thrifting, and animal rescue.

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  1. Well it's been a full NINE months off and I am feeling GREAT! Here is an updated picture of me. I am wearing light makeup. (Mineral foundation). My scars have faded and I've been using glycolic acid peels to fade them more.
  2. You are really pretty...and you're acne isn't bad at all. I'd say you are getting clearer by the mintue :)

    Anyways I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Your face looks great! I do have a lot of red marks, they do seem to be fading, but I wish there was a way to make them fade faster! I have a lot of deep scars, too. My dermatologist told me some sort of laser peel would help with that.
  4. You have gorgeous eyes. I was too busy looking at those on your "Galley" images to even notice your blemishes.

  5. Yes, I was very weak and tired... and felt like I caught every bug going around! I also agree with a previous poster that cuts took forever to heal. I don't know if that was from a weakened immune system or a change in the skin. Best wishes to you
  6. It took me the full 6 months to get clear... and I would have gone an additional month or 2 if it wasn't making me so miserable. I have been off of it for 3 months, sorry for the confusion. Good luck to you! My back was really bad, too and it feels SO good to have it cleared up. Can't wait to go to the pool this year and not be embarrassed.
  7. Thanks! It feels SO good to be done, and so good to wear less and less makeup. I'm hoping the scars fade quickly. I've started using Philosophy's "Help Me" which can help fade... so far I can't tell a difference, but I'll keep you posted. I don't think I would do it again... I felt so miserable for the entire time I was on it, and then eventually stopped taking it because of the hemorrhoids. I was going to take it an additional month because I was still getting one or 2 cysts, but I only made
  8. Here's another one. I'm wearing mineral makeup powder to even out the scars, but nothing heavy like before!
  9. Well, I fell off the face of the Earth for awhile... updating was really making me depressed. I kind of just went into a little shell and hid until the 6th month when I became officially clear. I have had some weird side-effects that I didn't expect. One is kind of funny and one is just gross. First off my hair has gone curly. I have always had stick straight hair and now it's really curly, especially in the back. The gross side effect is hemorrhoids. I started getting them in the last month a
  10. "Consistent in the upkeep?" Does this mean maintaining a good regimen or taking all of the pills on time? The right side of my face is clearing, but I do have one new cyst on that side. I think the reason that side is broken out is just the cycle of things clearing. At one time both of my temples were broken out and now they are totally clear. Right now I have a helluva cold. It's awful! I hate taking the Accutane in addition to any other meds, so I haven't been taking any cold meds, just Ty
  11. I am 26 years old. I've had acne for 15 years. Finally taking the accutane plunge!
  12. Hey, Seb000, thanks for the well wishes and right back at ya! I'm just hoping that in the next 8 weeks it will be all over... and that it won't come back! Here are the updated pictures. I will be at the 4 month mark on Friday. Note that the left side of my face rocks, but the right side sucks. I guess at least from the front view it isn't looking so bad. I'll just make sure people never look at the right side of my face somehow
  13. Is Emu oil from Emus? What are Emus??? It doesn't sound very vegetarian or animal friendly... but perhaps I will look into jojoba oil. One whole side of my face has totally freaked out. It isn't the side of my face that I talk on the phone on or sleep on so who knows what's going on! I go to the derm on Thursday when month 4 officially comes to a close. I'm so ready to be like "Is this damn thing WORKING yet?!?!?!"
  14. ...finishing up the 4th month. My derm said a lot of people have a bad breakout in the 4th month and then get really clear. Well, I had some massive cysts on my cheek that seem to be clearing now. I hope she's right when she says that I'll be getting clearer and clearer now. I do feel like my skin is changing, if that makes sense. There are a couple patches of skin that are totally covered in scars, but feel really smooth, and I feel like there aren't going to be anymore breakouts in those area
  15. Gosh, it looks like it's been almost a month since I updated... I severely needed a break from thinking about my face (which is kind of hard since it is attached to my head). But here I am 3.5 months in... not too bad, I must say. Overall things are better looking. Part of me feels like I am still tired and crabby all the time. I imagine that when the course is over I am going to wake up one day and say "Wow! I actually feel GOOD today!" ...at least I hope that's what happens. As far as active