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  1. For those who have eliminated dairy, eggs, gluten, or other things from their diet, have you ever had your allergies tested? I'm wondering if your skin can react to anything food related even if you do not have an allergy. E.g. if you have your allergies tested and the results tell you that it is fine for you to drink cows milk, can you still breakout from drinking it?
  2. I remember reading a study which showed that if you are fasting, or eating a low-fat diet, Absorica has a higher absorption rate than the other Accutane brands. Conversely, if you are eating a high-fat meal every day, you will be better off taking the other Accutane brands over Absorica. If you think that your diet will be too low in fat, you would probably be better off with Absorica. As a note though, every dermatologist that I have heard from has suggested that people do not change th
  3. It is better to treat your scars when the scars are new. It would be better to treat your scars sooner rather than later. Although I am positive that, in this day and age, you will get amazing results either way.
  4. Perhaps try Lubriderm or Vanicream. They are both offer fragrance-free moisturisers.
  5. Consider using things that are fragrance and dye free. Try to buy a thick moisturiser, like Cetaphil. Make sure to apply your moisturiser while your skin is still damp. If you apply moisturiser to dry skin, the moisturiser will just sit on top of the skin. This is a reason why many people have to moisturise many times per day. Many people have to experiment to find a moisturiser that suits them. Perhaps buy a variety of moisturisers and try them out. Always remember to apply the moisturise
  6. Make sure you clear your active acne before treating the redness or anything else. Perhaps what you have is red PIH, this can be treated with an IPL laser. It is not bad at all, as with time or with help from treatments, your redness will fade. I cannot see any indentations, so I cannot see any scars.
  7. Do you still have active acne? I am not sure if I can see a little acne or not. If yes, you need to treat that first. Also, it looks like you have PIE. If you press on them and they go away its PIE, if it's pigmented and stays its PIH. There are many things that you can do. The best treatment for PIE being Vbeam ( Vascular laser ), and the best for PIH being IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light ). -beautifulambition has a post on here that explains it in detail.
  8. You should always wear sunscreen. Consider Vanicream products. Their sunscreens are formulated for those with sensitive skin. They are free of dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives.
  9. Stress is definitely related to acne. There is also a direct link between stress and accelerated ageing. Try to reduce stress as much as possible. If something starts to get stressful, try to avoid that subject/topic/activity and think positive thoughts. Thinking "I should not get stressed here as it will benefit my acne" is probably one of the best things that you can do. Also remember to wear sunscreen plenty of sunscreen and apply it regularly. I recall seeing a video about how most people
  10. Is a low glycemic low calorie vegan diet a good diet for taking accutane ? If you are going to keep with that diet ( which is very good ), I would ask your dermatologist if you could take Absorica. This is a version of accutane that absorbs better than other brands of accutane if you are fasting or eating low-fat meals, but you should always take accutane with a meal. Although, a study showed that if you do eat a high-fat meal and take Abosrica it is less efficient that taking the other brands w
  11. Some people go through a second course of Accutane. Did you take enough of a cumulative dose? Also, did you take your pills with a high-fat meal? Your face washing and showering seems chaotic. I would stick to washing my face in the morning and showering at night. Or vice versa. Washing your face too many times can be irritating. Perhaps use a fragrance-free soap and fragrance-free moisturiser. You could look up "NinaAndRanda" on YouTube. They cured their severe acne by changing their diet
  12. Hi! First and foremost, stay happy and optimistic. This is good for your mind and body. I will list some things below as it is nicer than paragraphs. (1) Taking your pills with or just after your highest fat meal of the day. (2) Moisturise twice daily ( I use fragrance-free everything ), and make sure that you apply your moisturiser to your skin when it is still damp ( just after you have dried it. This ensures that the moisturiser soaks into the skin and doesn't just sit on top of it. I
  13. You were 33 last summer!!!????? I would ID you for alcohol, and then not believe the ID! Was there something that you changed or that changed last summer that could have caused it? Find the solution, find the cure! I can't even see anything, but: Have you tried changing your diet? Cutting out dairy, gluten, and sugars can help, maybe even eggs. Is there some added stress in your life? Try yoga or meditating. Try to sleep well, also. Good luck with everything!
  14. I have read over the link that you have just posted. You mention that Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) is related to brown spots, and permanent red spots. In the treatments you do not mention Vbeam. Can Vbeam be used for the permanent red spots ( PIH ) just like you can for PIE?
  15. That looks like a really good list of foods to me! Do you ever cook your meats in oils? If so, which ones? You may want to consider using oils that contain the "better-for-you" fats, and less saturated fat. E.g. olive, canola, corn, peanut, safflower, sunflower, or soybean.