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  1. All i got in the package was a container and a white stick thing? Is the container the vial ? And wheres this powder at? Did someone jack my benzaclin powder or am i trippin out? Prior to dispensing,tap vial until powder flows freely. Add 5 mL of purified water to vial (to the mark) and immediately shake to completely dissolve clindamycin. If needed,add additional purified water to bring level up to the mark. Add this solution to gel and stir until homogenous in appearance (1 to 11/2 minutes)
  2. In regards to your question... i have no idea. In regards to your picture.... i'd tap that.
  3. What if you take the antibiotic first thing in the morning and get juiced at night, does the alcohol still negate it?
  4. Hey everybody, I just bought a 30 day cleansing system. Are these things ok to do while im taking antibiotics and acidiphilus?
  5. has anyone ever taken 1 tab of mino at 50mg a day? I've done some reading and I cant find a single person on a dose as low as mine. Could someone explain why i might be on a lower dosage? ... I still get cysts so my acne isnt that mild... Would anyone recommend going aginst doctors orders and uppin the dosage?
  6. Those stick guys are just wearing make up... and the dude with all the moves had his computer animated off. Its technical stuff this technology. Plus you gotta factor in the lighting... these guys all have worse acne then we do, their just working with pros you damn downer.
  7. Age: 19 Sex: Male, and i prefer having it with females School/College: Crocus Plains Highschool Acne status: Mild I guess, I still get cysts and have some scars. Favorite thing about yourself: I put others before myself, no matter how funny the joke or how cool i might become. What would you change about yourself (other than acne): I'd like to be more of myself rather then what everyone else wants me to be. But I try to keep people happy. Favorite movie: Cheaters or Out Cold... tough call.
  8. For everyone thats depressed because of their face or for whatever reason I highly recommend watching this video. Before you get to venting or helping other peeps out with their probs take a second to turn that frown upside down. This ones for the downers out there. Cheer up. Can't Touch This
  9. sup antony... i would... but im lazy and i prefer sitting down. actually my face is to ugly to stand up infront of anyone. I'm kinda in the same boat as darth. Its a lot easier to talk about this stuff and give advice then it is to do it. Im not happy with myself so im workin on it. Thanks for your post though, i try to make people smile with my jokes but you didnt even need any to make me smile. thanks. payce
  10. I agree with patter before you can make anyone else happy, you have to be happy with yourself. Also just for future reference girlfriends aren't always as great as they seem. Sure they got their boobies and you can talk to them about anything and they can make you feel like a million bucks. But what happens when they leave and they take that all away. Its a big empty space in your heart that you have to fill by yourself. and trust me your boobies will never be as big as hers. i hope. So pick e
  11. Dont look in the mirror, as long as everyone else sees a handsome young devil thats all that matters. And height doesnt mean shit unless you wanna play in the nba or are going for the worlds tallest man or something. Dont sweat it im 19 and im only 5'7 but what i lack in height i make up for in shortness. Think big, eat mr. big chocolate bars, water yourslef in the shower, get plenty of sunlight and you'll grow. Trust me. Thats how the trees do it and look how big most of them are. Even the sma
  12. heres something music related... this guys got moves. hope this makes some of you smile for awhile. later. CantTouchThis
  13. I just broke up with my girlfriend.. and no matter what catchy song i hear on the radio or new joint that comes out i wanna get jiggy with... whenever I go to sing a song i end up singing this one. fuck i miss her. Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be Lyrics I'm only pretty sure that I can't take anymore Before you take a swing I wonder What are we fighting for When I say out loud I want to get out of this I wonder Is there anything I'm going to miss I wonder How it's going to be When you don't
  14. Hrm has anyone actually been cleared because of this stuff? I can take the acne coming back... im not looking for a cure, but im not looking for something thats just gonna make it worse. Could it go either way? also my grad is coming up in about a month. If I started taking mino on monday what kind of results would I likely see by then? Right now my acne is rather mild... but i get the odd cyst or huge whitehead from time to time, which last for forever. When i went to my doctor he had a poster