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  1. That's normal acne. A cause of that acne on your forehead could be stress. you should stop using the porixide and chose some acne face wash. I use X-out proactive, in which I recommend. Although it expensive, it seems you may get more acne as time goes by (puberty). You don't have to use that specific face wash, but a face wash is needed to get rid or elements Mostof your acne. It will not be instant recovery, wait a while for it to affect your face.
  2. I have a pimple on my nipple (a huge, like a centimeter big) and it had this flat clean layer(that happened to my acne on my face aswell) so I took it off. I think some pus came out so I squeeze it a little bit. Pus came out (obviously) and I squeezed it a. Little bit more. Blood comes out vigorously, then the pimple turns red. It's been maybe a half an hour and it's purple and red. HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!