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  1. What dosage are the pills? Also what is yoru diet like. You require more HCl if you consume a higher protein/fat diet. UPDATE: Sorry I had a really horrible day with work - I just dont feel like getting it up. Please be patient I will get it formatted and ready soon. I just won't half ass it.
  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence.. My life is been rather busy the past few days - so I haven't got a chance to put it all together yet. As a teaser.. it's not just "one" diet
  3. Give em a rinse.. should eliminate most of the salt. However I would be looking for RAW pumpkin seeds.. the roasting process would do some serious damage to the fats (mainly o6).
  4. The function of bone broths are for the hard to get amino acids and trace minerals. Specifically glycine/proline which are an aid in repairing the digestive lining (and also skin/collagen and joint synthesis). You can skim the fat - especially chicken (I would for any long cooked broth) as the long cooking times will oxidize the shit of of the unsaturated fats. You can also leave the fat on when you store it.. as it will act as a protective layer till you're ready to use it (within a few days).
  5. Yea having the stock made before hand is where it's at. I cheat though, I know a WAPF chapter lead and she sells pre-made bone stocks with no added ingredients.. they are like meat jello at room temp. I mix and match broth/meats all the time.. usually tastes just fine.. if not better. EDIT: I've made broths a couple times but I find it just isn't as good :/ and of course time consuming.. kudos to you
  6. Mmm stew - probably the worlds best food. You can make any type of stew, with practically any ingredients.... seafood, lamb, chicken, pork.. Do you add marrow bones - or a bone stock?
  7. Trader joes is awesome - I haven't had it myself but I can't imagine anything wrong with it.. aside from the added salt (which likely is purified NaCl rather than a full spectrum salt)
  8. Good looking people make more... to a certain degree it's already the case.
  9. The internet has rules madame. You don't want to upset the keepers of the internet.
  10. moonbase


    I find strawberries, raspberries and blackberries to be rather dodgy as far as tolerance goes.. though blueberries are pretty fly. I'd do a self test.
  11. Nice set up - apricot by the looks of it.
  12. Coconut water is sterile, pure, and loaded with minerals.. if I lived in the tropics I would drink coconut water over all other beverages.... EDIT: errrr.. maybe except for milk - i'm having quite the love affair as of late.
  13. Hold on to your socks - i'll have a ultra version up this weekend. Will go over everything you could possibly want to know.
  14. I believe good digestion starts with proper amounts of HCl. Fat requires bile to digest. When your stomach is emptying it's the stomach acid that triggers the gallbladder to release bile. If there isn't enough HCl in the stomach you wont get that trigger and the fat basically acts as a binder through digestion. If you can pick up some betaine HCl. A good protocol for taking it is.. take 1 tablet at the beginning of a meal.. if no burning is felt (IN THE STOMACH) after 5 mins, take another.. do
  15. Pate is probably the safest bet for someone new to liver.. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/liver-pate/detail.aspx
  16. That is quite a good diet. I would try cutting the berries, apple, pineapple and perhaps even the kiwi - all of those fruits can be problem causing. I would also consider kicking the chicken breast.. you are way over doing it with the protein as it is. I wouldn't eat more than 1lb of fish. I am also rather surprised you can eat that all in one day - I mean that's A LOT of food. One guess would be that you're eating more than your digestive system can handle. Are you on any medications
  17. Vitamin E @ 116 is higher than many people get in their diets and fine. Most of the vitamin A you're getting to Beta carotene and not actually animal vitamin A. If you can hold on till the weekend I'll have the definitive version up with everything and anything you could want.
  18. 10 eggs - raw yolks I hope I usually either discard the white or cook it *like* an omelet with other goodies mixed in. Another good practice if you can time it right is doing hard boiled eggs but cook them so the yolk is quite runny.
  19. Vitamin A, D, and K(active form) have a dose dependent relationship. Vitamin A is only toxic if you have low vitamin D especially and K secondary. Though taking 100k Vit A will snuff out your D stores pretty quick. Moral of the story - Get plenty of sun or hit up some quality D3 (thorne research liquid vit D) EDIT: Taking massive doses of Vit A is pretty much taking accutane as accutane is naturally produced in the body in small amounts, but with huge massive doses of vitamin A that vitamin A
  20. If you're experiencing acne, cut out milk, cheese and yogurt. Butter is well tolerated though - go for kerry gold. If you want to be on the safe it's best to axe it all. There are plenty of other sources of nutrition.