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  1. This is the time to use micro needling, I see you have booked 2 sessions but that is not enough. You need to do it consistently for at least a month and depending on how deep the scar is you should adopt big size needles. Every time I used my micro needle treatment I completely got rid of the scars, you couldn't even tell I had scars there, this solution worked for me and so many others, that's why I recommend it. check out this micro needle/derma roller review and will take you step by st
  2. Sup dude I managed to get rid of my acne with a bunch of different methods and would highly recommend you giving them a shot. I been left with satisfying results, there are all sorts of methods like creams, micro needling and DIY products. One of the things that worked for me is drying out the spots and you can do this without harming your skin by using things like tea tree oil and coconut oil. Your only 16 and guessing you don't have a lot of money so I would highly recommend you chec
  3. doesn't look bad at all. What I would recommend is to exfoliate and then apply and antibacterial agent like tea tree oil, leave it over night and Boom! that should have helped with the bumps.
  4. mat123


    I would highly recommend to treat it with anti-bacterial products like tea tree oil
  5. I used it once a week because the skin needs to heal, and after using it once a week with a moisturizer all my acne scars were gone, would recommend the one I linked you to since there are multiple needles and you can return it if you like also ships across the world. hope you enjoy
  6. Not too bad... I would recommend using Benzoyl Peroxide and if that doesn't work try... Derma rolling
  7. I too have oily skin, a lot of the moisturizers I have tried make my skin feel even more oily. After going through so many different moisturizers I finally found one which does not make skin feel oily and helps tone and lighten my skin... It's called "aloe vera" and there are a lot of different types of aloe vera moisturizers out there and if you want to see the one I use here is a link: UK:http://amzn.to/2hvfFI5 if you live in the US I could not find the one I use but I looked around an
  8. it's not too bad, I would highly recommend using anti-bacterial products and avoid touching your fore head as much as possible to stop bacteria getting there. My favorite anti-bacterial product to use is tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil acts as a anti-bacterial barrier and contains healing properties. This is definitely an ideal remedy for removing scars. Apply a few drops on the parts desired and leave it on during the night.
  9. I would highly recommend using a sugar scrub There are only 3 ingredients which are honey, coconut and sugar. The honey has bleaching properties and will help lighten the skin, coconut will help tone your skin and sugar will be added to act as an exfoliator which helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Add as much of these ingredients as you think is necessary, scrub and then wash it off with warm water.
  10. Hey, I personally have a decent amount of knowledge about scaring, I hated having it all over my body. I found different remedies and my favorite had to be the derma roller. I would highly recommend you research into derma rolling and giving it a shot. derma roller review: <link removed>