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  1. Day 11 Things are going really well. I'm following the regimen I listed in my last post. I haven't had really any new breakouts so far. Only one new one on my forehead but the Tea Tree Oil took care of that in a day. My skin isn't drying out too badly - actually less than it has been with Tazorac. I'm guessing that is probably because I'm using moisturizer twice a day and only applying a little of the meds. When I wake up my skin is a little red and puffy from the RAM but that disappears qu
  2. End Of Week One Well my face didn't clear up for the weekend as much as I was hoping it would. The dryness wasn't too bad though. The cyst that came in on my right cheek has sort of morphed into the two that were there before (the ones that had the injections) and it's become one big one. Luckily it isn't too raised. I think one of the smaller ones is going to leave a little dent, most likely from the injection. My skin isn't too oily or too dry right now. It's fairly balanced for once. I do
  3. I used to use Cetaphil but recently switched to Neutrogena Oil Free SPF 15. I like it a little better. It absorbs into the skin better than Cetaphil.
  4. Ugh. She said it was because the Benzac could bleach clothing. So you think I should use Benzac during the day and RAM at night? ](*,)
  5. Day Three I am determined to get my skin to look better by this weekend! I'm probably living in a fantasy world, but a girl can hope can't she? [-o< I made a few changes yet once again. Regimen: Morning - Cetaphil without water - I applied a little Benzac this morning and let it dry - Moisturizer - Doxy (I took it before I ate and it made me really sick to my stomach. I guess I need to make sure I'm taking this with food. Not only do I have sensitive skin but I have a sensitive
  6. Something stopped working. Either the Tazorac or the Tetracycline. Also the Tazorac was drying my skin out really badly due to the harsh cold we get in Chicago. She said to try the Retin A Micro. If that doesn't work I still have two tubes of Tazorac so I can always switch back. I haven't actually tried the RAM yet. I'm starting off with just the Benzac which she also prescribed.
  7. I'm not sure. I read that you should take it without food unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. This morning I took it before breakfast because I was running late and was going to eat at work. I got really sick to my stomach. Luckily I had my breakfast bar with me on the train!
  8. Day Two Well the dryness is a lot better today. I think the new moisturizer helped. When I woke up it wasn't as bad and then I just used some moisturizer and a towel to gently rub off the remaining dry skin. It's still a little dry but it's improving. =D> The two cysts that my derm injected with the steroids are almost gone although they are leaving behind very dark spots. I also had a new one pop up today literally on my way home from work. ](*,) I'm starting to think it may be my
  9. My derm switched me from Tazorac to Retin A Micro. I'm a little concerned about starting the RAM. Has anyone tried both of these at some point? I was able to deal with the peeling that was associated with Tazorac. I'm just wondering if the redness and peeling is worse with RAM, better, or about the same. I'm also wondering if I'll experience the initial breakout period since I was already on Tazorac.
  10. Day One (Night Regimen) - Cleaned with Cetaphil without water - Waited about 15 minutes and applied a little of the Benzac to all areas but my chin since that is where I am most dry - Waited about 15 minutes and applied a thick layer of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15 - Took my first Doxycycline pill right after my dinner as instructed by my dermatologist I decided to try just the Benzac for about a week and hold off on the Retin A Micro. The Benzac itched and made my skin a litt
  11. Word of warning...I plan on getting very detailed so I can keep track of how things are going. Background Info I'm a 31 year old female and I have suffered with acne all my life. I tend to get fairly large cyst type blemishes every few weeks, however they take forever to go away. I also get smaller puss filled acne, but these disappear much quicker. I'd say my acne is moderate. I do have some scaring and lots of red marks. My skin is also very sensitive. My First Dermatologist Experience
  12. I was extrememly oily when I first started using Tazorac. My derm thought it was caused by the daytime topical I was using so he switched it (I don't remember what it was). That did help a bit but I was still more oily that usual. After several months it did calm down quite a bit. I eventually went back to my normal pre-Tazorac oiliness. As far as washing Tazorac off, I believe I saw on their website that it is ok to do this.
  13. I went to a new dermatologist today and she switched my regimen. I was on Tazorac and Tetracycline for about a year and a half. I use Cetaphil to wash (just started trying it without water) and Cetaphil moisturizer twice a day. The meds worked at first but seem to have stopped and the Tazorac is also drying out my skin horribly now. My skin seems pretty sensitive as well. Even the moisturizer burns it a bit when I apply it. Here is what my new derm prescribed me: Retin A Micro .01% in
  14. I use Cetaphil at night and I like that it is so gentle and it doesn't really dry out my skin too badly. However I don't feel like it really removes all my makeup without having to scrub probably more than I should. Can anyone recommend a gentle cleanser that will remove makeup sufficiently?