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  1. Now, my acne cleared up about 3 months ago thanks to accutance. What I have left now aren't really scars.. more like overstreched pores. My skin is totally smooth to touch but it looks super porous. holes holes holes everywhere. I've seen people raving about ACV on a lot of forums. Do you think it will help with the pores/scars on my face? Do I apply it topically? Should I drink 4 tbsp a day? Or both? Gaah, whoever created skin was a spastic.
  2. Yeah it will. Using makeup to cover severe acne never really worked for me. Liquid foundation might've worked once in a while, on a good day, but powder only made it seem worse.
  3. Okay, so after a whole year of accutane I'm finally acne-free! I'd build a monument to Tane's name and everything, its my hero haha.<333 Now, thing is, all the spots have disappeared, but I have huge "open" pores on my face. They aren't deeply pitted scars or anything, they're pretty superficial. You can't really see them unless you're 10 inches away from my face. Just a light foundation takes care of them though. I'm 17, I've never worn makeup, and this business of wearing it everyday is
  4. Yeah, it happens. I'm on month three and the cysts just began to die down suddenly after the second month. They say the third month's to watch out for, that's when you start seeing results. Just hang in there.
  5. I have to take 4 medicines at night, right after my meal. Birth control, some liver tonic, accutane and calcium supplement. And because I'm a lazeh idiot, I just pop them in right one after teh other. Does this weaken accutane's effect? Too many damned medicines psh.
  6. Yeah vaseline works great for me. I massage my face with it for 5 or so minutes and then wash it off. You could try an emolient too.
  7. The dip regimen works great for my scars. ^.^ Within two minutes of doing it, I see my skin starting to heal. I just do it for 5 minutes, instead of the suggested 60 seconds. Specially on accutane, which has made the healing process sooo slow. You could try it out. ^.^
  8. I'm worriedddd. I'm 7 weeks in, and my acne's gotten way way worse than before. I'm on 20 mg a day and it was supposed to end in three months ( i dunno how my derm claimed that the severe cysts would go away) and its been ages and there's no sign of improvement! Now, I know this has probably been aksed a million times on here but does accutane even work for everyone? Also, I barely have any side effects and this is pissing me off. :|20 mg is wayyy too low, I weigh 40 kg, the stupid women should
  9. Going to complete two months on accutane soon. Yeah, NO IMPROVEMENT WHATSOEVER. I'm on 20 mg a day, I weigh 40 kg. My derm said I'll be clear in three months and I just looked at her in disbelief. I have severe moderate acne. VERY comedonal. Large pores, clusters of whiteheads everywhere, blackheads on top of blackheads and a few inflamed cysts. Well, 2 out of the 3 promised months are up and I still look liek i have sand sticking onto my face. So I've decided to take matters in my own hands. I'
  10. So what sucks is, that as my pimples disappear, I see the awfully enlarged pores and whitehead clusters on my cheeks, forehead, chin etc. They're HUGEEEEEE. The pores. Seriously, I can't find a patch of skin that looks normal. And my boyfriend is coming to town next month and he can't see me like this! God. This is frustrating. And from what I've read here accutane doesn't even cure the texture of skin? PLEASE, someone tell me if they had huge pores and accutane took care of them. Also, I can't
  11. They're everywhere! Nose, cheeks, forehead. And clusters of whiteheads too. Tons of blackheads. Sigh. My skin looks grainy. I just started isotretinoin 20 mg, 10 days ago. Face looks pretty horrible right now. But after the 6 month course, will the humongous pores go away? Does Accutane make skin flawless? (or somewhere close to it)
  12. Firstly, I've never posted on here before. So. Hi everyone. This last week I visited my derm and she finally put me on accutane, 20 mg (I weigh 44 kgs). Its supposed to be a three month course and I'm really hopeful about this. But in addition to it she also put me on: Topical: Speelac face wash (Salicylic acid 2% gel) - to be used twice a day Clindamycin Phosphate gel - morning Adapelene gel - night Oral: Anti-oxidant tablets Birth control (loette) I've read on here taht during accutane, t