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  1. Well Right now I'm 95% clear. The oil is the problem right now. I just hope it doesn't lead to breakouts.
  2. Thanks guys, Imoily, That makes me feel a little better. I'm on month 3 though. Did you have breakouts during that month 2 of oil?
  3. Hey Guys, It's been 90 days since I've started accutane. All has been good. I was oil free and zit free. Around the 87 day mark, I noticed an increase in oil. (No breakouts yet) Is this normal? I hope this doesn't mean I have become immune to isotretinoin. I have been on 60mg/day weighing 160. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  4. You should definitely keep up exercise. I'm 3 months in and I work out HARD 3 days a week. Heavy Bench, Squats, Deadlifts, Pullups, and Olympic variations. No joint soreness or fatigue. Just keep hydrated! I noticed I sweat more though. Maybe it's just the heat.
  5. Listener, I think the reason people suffer from those side effects is because, like you said, the dosage is too high. Ask people who took really lose dosage accutane. Most if not all, experienced no side effects, and if they did, it diminished. Of course it took longer to see results, but we all know nothing happens over night. If you had a vitamin A deficiency, it would take a little bit of time for our bodies to change. Fat metabolism has really got me interested as well. Conenzyme A is supp
  6. Nope, azelaic acid does what retinoids do, and is antibacterial also.
  7. Jemini, Here is what I am taking for adrenal fatigue. http://www.enzy.com/go/EnzymaticTherapy/pr...;partcode=04035 Thats a pretty interesting theory. So maybe acne is just another "side effect" of a larger genetic predisposition? I checked out the pinned retinoids thread, where RARs and RXRs were discussed. Well I guess these receptors are found in the skin and thats how retinoids help. They are agonists for these receptors and normalize cell differenitiation. So yeah, maybe since these agon
  8. I have some studies on hard drive regarding what causes hyperkeratinization and excess keratinization. Ill post them tommorrow Apparently androgens are to blame for this keratin problem as well. Check out the thread "Resveratrol" in the acne research. Theres some really good info regardign PPARs and acne. Seems like PPARs also play a role in keratinization as well.
  9. OK for everyone! What do you guys think about adrenal disorders and acne? Someone in this forum said taking adrenal fatigue support supplements helped him get rid of his acne. To me this makes a lot of sense since the adrenal glands are responsible for many of the hormones of the body. Come to think about it I feel like I suffer from adrenal fatigue, by looking at the symptoms. Maybe you're hormones are out of whack and aren't in balance. Just wanted to see what you guys thought
  10. Autonomous, Me too! Since I've learned that it has something to do with the RXR receptors, I've been thinking about the significance of it, and the roles it plays in the pathogenesis of acne. (Sebum and hyperkeratinization). How come some people though, don't respond to accutane? Jemini, Thanks for sharing that study! I still agree though, that although they might have an overactive gene, the effects would have to be pretty "big" to cause acne, in which we would see other detrimental effec
  11. It's crazy though, that there are so many ideas of why we get acne, what causes excess sebum and what causes hyperkeratinization. I guess the main stay of belief for the cause of excess sebum is either: Lipid Metabolism Androgens/PPARs The causes of excess sebum are such a main focus. I wonder why no one tries to find out what causes hyperkeratinization. Obviously there is a genetic factor, but still. There are theories that sebum composition, or androgens and their interactions with PPARs cau
  12. Thanks for the advice Jemini. The thing though, is that I am very interested in medicine. I would like to go into research, but as you stated, that is too many years to be in school. My family is not financially "great", so 6+ years of college will be too hefty. I thought that since I am interested in medicine, and pharmacist get paid alot to deal with medicine, why not take that route? I honestly, don't mind the idea of working behind a counter, at least not yet. I will take you're thoughts in
  13. Thats some great research Autonomous! Thanks for sharing. I thought though, that PPAR alpha maybe the downregulated receptor, while gamma and delta were working "regularly". Earlier in this thread, it was suggested that there maybe an unbalance between receptors which can cause acne. I know this study though involves lipid metabolism and how upregulating alpha can help control sebum. What is currently available to act as an alpha, gamma, and liver x receptor agonist? Thanks
  14. Jemini, Really? Thats EXACTLY what I want to do. I wanna become a pharmacist, and I know that a strong grasp on chemistry and biology is needed. In you're opinion, is it difficult? What kind of classes are you required to take in order to become a pharmacist. I am enrolled in Bio and Chem, as far as science goes, in this upcoming fall. Can you do you're on testing and research in college, on acne? I also would like to experiment with all these ideas, but I'm not sure pharmacists have the powe
  15. Autonomous, Man, I find all that stuff very interesting! I dream about curing all kinds of diseases!