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  1. hey amberkat.. it was zonk that had this same problem with the fraxel machine. here is his post about it.. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry1986876
  2. i only used the numbing cream and panadeine forte .. i could drive home after that. you could probly handle the pain.
  3. hahahaha calm down its only an internet forum
  4. im on cephelexin for mild acne, 1000mg a day. im on my third month right now and it started to work around the second month for me.
  5. i just came back from Medicare, my fraxel treatment cost $895 and i got $435 back from my second fraxel.
  6. you got 40 percent improvement from fraxel thats great.. i will be very happy if i get 40 percent.
  7. im sure if you ask for it they will do it for you... the only problem is that you cant drive home.
  8. hi 'simple1'.. just had my second fraxel today at Goodmans, the first one didnt make any difference. But they say that you will see results further down the track..lets say about 6-12 months after your last fraxel. they space there treatments 1 month apart. Hey 'noise', i only have the numbing cream applied.. And i find it to be pretty uncomfortable..but everyone is different..i depends on how much pain you can tolerate.
  9. $1850 for full face .. maybe theres not much competition around there..
  10. i got my rebate today from my fraxel treatment.. My treatment waas $895 and i got $300 dollars back... check this link out. Its from the Medicare Benifits Schedule site... http://www9.health.gov.au/mbs/search.cfm?q=45026
  11. most people get 5 treatments and start to see results in 6 months after the last fraxel
  12. hi ronnie_bb... geez TWO HOURS that would of been a scary time... mine only took about 10 mins for cheeks with 8 passes. What power level was it at?
  13. search Cynthia Weinstein in google and see what comes up
  14. i hade my first fraxel at Dr greg goodman & associates in toorak. They know there stuff.