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  1. hey, i am pretty clear except for dozens of small open/closed pores on the sides of my nose and below my lip, the chin area. it's hard to explain, but its just small white puss i guess that comes out and only visible if you look closeup in a mirror...its hard to squeeze out (especially on nose) im on dan's regimen and i think its helping, but i was wondering if any of you guys had a similiar problem and what you did to correct it
  2. check out my other thread when sleeping, put a folded up tissue on your forehead and secure it with a headband/hairband.. i have 0 acne now i have hair that goes into my eyes
  3. |x| so.... wat about my eyebrows :/ ? i use the hairband/tissue for my forehead acne and its all clear
  4. i have very very mild acne and i take VERY hot showers... i don't recommend rubbing your face because maybe it will irritate the skin, but even if it causes it to emerge faster, later on it will go away
  5. uh... should fold a tissue in half... put it on ur head.. and put a headband around it to keep it secure..
  6. is everyone on this page saying that dipping doesn't work? or are they talking about some other regimen... can't read through 70 pages
  7. forehead acne... i have a thread talking about this.. headband and a tissue... fold it in half.. put it on your forehead (covering acne) sleep with headband around it.... just look up my topic... all my friends do it now and they are improving... im azn too with hair like u
  8. ya, my face is dry.. not flaky, but ichy... dang.... i guess i'll start small then..
  9. goodnight, ya i was thinking about other parts of the face, but i don't know how to secure it... tape would fall off, i move around a lot...but i'm glad it works for someone! my acne is all gone (in the forehead) except for 1 small bump and small red scars going away..but besides that, all flat!! ya, aerndirel, headband is a must, but the tissue, i hope soaks up the oils and protects from the pillow...
  10. i usually take a shower after a workout. and apply my acne treatment
  11. hah, i used a little bit the first time, and the second time, but me not knowing, i but a good finger amount on my face the 3rd time... But I'm not getting dried out at all... i put a small amount of lotion afterwords. hm... so i should cut down, then build up to the finger amount?
  12. yeah i actually don't use a headband because i don't have one , i use a hairband.. but it still works lol... waiting for your results benzoyl
  13. alright, cause i keep seeing people saying either their skin improved dramatically, or worsened...
  14. I just started using dan's regimen BP and it's been 2 days and I've used the cream 3 times. I cant see any change with my skin. I apply a lot of cream and still nothing. Am I supposed to wash off the cream or just apply it until it its gone(i've been doing this). I have very mild acne... thanks