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  1. Hey what are your symptoms? My panicky spells have pretty much gone away now that its been a week since i stopped taking it. I still feel very tense though, and dizzy most of the time (both classic anxiety symptoms). I'm hoping this is something that will fade away over time as my body gets back to normal..
  2. yeah I'm am also dealing with anxiety issues now. I have clear skin, but feel terrible. I'd take acne over anxiety any day.
  3. I finished my course early back in October and I am still pretty much clear (expect for the occational spot). HOWEVER, during the last two weeks of accutane I started to feel really anxious for no real reason at all. I stopped taking the acctune thinking that this would go away. It is now January and I am still dealing with symptoms of anxiety on and off.I never had this problem before I was on accutane. My question is, do you think this anxiety is just a temporary after effect??? Also, any advi
  4. Over the last three months I decided to become a vegan because I thought it would be the healthiest thing I could do. I lost about 10 lbs. (which is a lot for me) and had constant diahrrea. Then about three weeks ago I started to feel very anxious for no reason at all. I did a little research and apperently diet can play a huge role in anxiety( as with many other health issues). My of the websites suggested uping one's intake of protein and complex carbs. I am now going to slowly bring meat back
  5. You should also add Fasting and Eating for Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It has some very interesting insites.
  6. LiliVG could you please post what you usually eat everyday? I'm a little unsure as to what I could eat for breakfast since I usually just eat fruit. Thanks!
  7. Just wondering LiliVG, are you also avoiding meat, dairy and gluten? or just fructose?
  8. yeah I do think that I probably have Seborrheic Dermatitis. My skin in general just flakes really easily. What do you recommend that I do about it? Is there any food or supplement I should consider? thanks for the input guys
  9. Ok so I need a little help figuring out whats going on here. I currently only get tiny white heads on my chin, jawline, and sometimes around the eyebrows. These areas can also become very itchy and usually flakey (thats usually when I can feel myself breaking out.) All the other areas of my face that are not itchy never breakout. Why is my skin so irritated?? is it likely to be a food allergy? I have also noticed that the skin on the rest of my body has become bumpy and and sometimes irritated
  10. believe it or not but egg yolk also works pretty well (you just have to add some vanilla extract or something to combat the eggy smell) If you're really interested in the no poo method visit noshampoo.org
  11. I'm on week four and things seem to be at a stand still at this point. My hair still feels pretty greasy but its not producing any more oil to add to the greasyness. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I am still hopeful and will still give this another two or three weeks. p.s. what do you think of washing with an egg yolk (it's an emulsifier) or baking soda?
  12. in case any girls want to try the "no-poo" route, I discovered a away to make the first few weeks a little more manageable. After rinsing your hair with warm water, take a wash cloth and stoke each side about 100 times. This will help move the oil from your scalp to your roots. So far I've been having good results with this. Its only been about two weeks since I stopped shampooing, but it really hasn't been that bad. Yes, I'm more greasy than usual, but wearing a hat, head band, or scarf has mad
  13. so do you scrub your scalp with the water or do you just rinse? also, would blow drying my hair be a bad idea or straightening it with an iron?
  14. I guess its just different for everyone. So far I've noticed that yogurt does not upset my stomach like other dairys usually do. I also don't have it everyday, just every other day. Its only been a week, but so far so good.