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  1. I found that it didnt work as well as differin. Both together seem to be very effective.
  2. Getting a retinoid from a derm will cost about as much as BP regimen, if you have some kind of insurance.
  3. You will not lose progress, but honestly, after a month, you should be seeing clearer but really dry skin. I hope you are using a good wash, becuase you can't get the adapalene past a layer of oil. You may want to try some topical benz or clinda.
  4. Ok thanks, may try it. How long does it normally take to see results? Edit: Also does anyone know a good site to get B5 from in UK?
  5. Yea sure, just be ready to get pimples in places where you don't usually get pimples. Also it might take months to see the results you want. In addition, if you have 1 or 2 pimples, I suggest you not take B5.
  6. Food allergies are not holistic, they are well studied scientific facts. Nutrition science does not come from quack holistic healers, it comes from several well respected journals.