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  1. I have tried both, and in my experience PanOxyl has given me the most unpleasant reaction of anything I've ever tried on my face. I've tried a lot of products. It dried out my skin so much and made the skin around my mouth and nose red and flakey and irritated. Even made the corners of my lips crack so much they'd bleed. I stuck with it for a month and it kept getting worse. I wanted to like PanOxyl because it leaves me feeling clean, but something in it made my skin react horribly. Anyway, I no
  2. kaserz



    I've been taking 400 IU of vitamin E for about a month now. By no means is this a miracle acne solution. However, I have noticed and improvement in the texture of my skin as well as my dark spots fading a little quicker. I will continue taking this because I do like the results. I just have to keep finding more products to help clear my skin as well. I definitely recommend giving this a try :)
  3. kaserz

    Did not work for me

    Did not work for me

    After taking 40 mg of zing per night for about 5 nights, I got horrible cysts on my cheeks and the skin around my mouth and nose became red and very dry and flaky. I was upset this didn't work for me after reading the review but I guess I just have to keep going with trial and error if I want to see improvement. At least now I know this doesn't work for me so I won't try it again.