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  1. yupp. it works wonders for some people, keeping their skin soft and smooth.. but it just ruins ours!
  2. *bump* i wanna make sure everyone is reading this! i know how many use harsh grainy exfoliants with severe acne!
  3. its not like im putting straight up acid on my face, its all in such small doses that it doesnt melt your skin off. also, i talked to the dr. he said to use these things... and he studied skin. he went to college for this kinda stuff. plain soap just isnt gonna cut it.
  4. oh thats strange. you'd think if that was the case they wouldnt bother with research and nothing would ever work for anyone. lots of acne products work for lots of people. it all depends on your skin. if this is clearing up my skin, how can you argue that? i hope it helps someone else out there too! just one other person and i would feel so good because i know how badly acne affects ones life.
  5. well after being on here a month ago i traded everything in for just natural products and THAT is when my face broke out like crazy. i tried to wait it out but after a few weeks it was just soooooo bad so i went back to looking at products they make to get rid of acne. and oddly enough - i still have a face. not only do i have a face, but i have a clearer face. they make these products for a reason, and its not just to make money.
  6. the scrubs are for mild acne. it DOES help people with mild acne. if you have severe acne - the grainy scrubs will just spread it. i used scrubs, my most recent being acnexus. i talked to my DR about it, and he said with my type of acne (severe) this was AWFUL and i had to stop because i was only making it worse!!! i still use an exfoliant, but its not the scrub kind! its a salicylic acid gel that dissolves the dead skin cells instead of scrubbing them away! i think there are more out there
  7. check out the products i use in my regimin! my fav miiight have to be murads gel exfloiant, though im not sure it would work without the BP after!
  8. as my name says - i've tried everything. nothing ever seemed to be working to my satisfaction. nothing is fast enough or strong enough. i have pretty severe acne. i dont know all the correct terms, but i get the big painful red ones, and the smaller ones. i dont really have any black heads though, so if thats your problem - i dunno if this will work for you or not. but to keep this short and simple (bc i hate reading through paragraphs of crap b4 they tell their regimin) here it is! i wash my f
  9. if you have the big painful acne (i dont know all the correct terms) then scrubbing IS REALLY REALLY BAD! i just learned that on friday... using an exfoliant with little scrubbers in it is sooo bad and spreads your acne.
  10. im thinking about giving differin another try i tried it last summer, but only for about a week. it started breaking me out and i gave up!! i always knew it would get worse before it got better but i wasnt willing to wait because of my career and my acne wasnt awful. now it awful and im willing to wait it out... but it sounds like it takes just as long as accutane to really see lasting results? should i just go on accutane? or is differin something i should do instead?
  11. EVERYDAY MINERALS! bare essentials does NOT look natural at all. it gives you that line.. its wayyy too pinky for most skin tones... and it breaks you out! and its sooooooooooooo expensive. everyday minerals is cheap, and will not break you out, holds up pretty good in water/sweat, and has so many amazing shades that will look really natural. the matte works the best for coverage... make sure when you're picking out a color that you read the description rather than looking at the color. that w
  12. this is crazy. i used murad for like... 7 or 8 months. it didnt break me out any worse, but it didnt clear up my acne. after going off it my face has gotten so bad, a lot of big painful pimples. sigh.
  13. well i've given up on getting it fast... with iPLEDGE (which i remember from when the dr. suggested i go on accutane last summer.. stupid me didnt) its going to take at least a month.. probably 2... to get the tane. EFF. might as well start on birth control now.....