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  1. Ugh. So my skin calmed down a little but I haven't been good with not touching my face. I constantly want to scratch the dead skin off of my face but ugh I shouldn't be doing that. At least I've been drinking lots of water for the past three days and am more persitant with my sleeping schedule. Although I don't sleep more than 5 and a half hours a night. My skin supplements haven't arrived yet, so I can't update you on that... I started to wash my face for only 10 seconds, like the acne.or
  2. So this is my first entry, and I think I should start with who I am. Maybe this will help you relate and maybe stuff that helps me will help you! So I'm a 21 year old girl with not too severe acne but enough acne to lower my self-esteem. My journey so far: I had baby skin throughout puberty. Like. My skin was epic. Beautiful. Made from the gods. Okay, maybe not that good but you get the picture. And then it slowly said "F you UnspoiledDude, F you!" and changed into this mess of a skin.