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  1. I used to use Neutrogena Deep Pore Cleanser, it's really good for OTC, can be used as cleanser or mask, but the doctor gave me Glades Benzyl peroxide wash, 5% and that seems to work better than Neutrogena, my face is almost clear, really... just a few cysts on my cheeks... at that time of the month, I get worse and nothing stops that, but it helps keep it under control. Good Luck!!
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  3. Hi, I am new here, but would like to share what my son, 14, and I have tried that works! My son has had VERY SEVERE acne, bad cystic acne all over face, so I took him to the doctor, and he prescribed Glades Benzyl peroxide face wash, 5% and Differin. My son used it, and within 1 week, his face was 10x better. The cysts had shrank ALOT and his face was much less red than before. He tried the differin, but it didn't seem to help him. So I used it on myself, cause I get acne at times, and it r