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  1. I went through a weird phase, where whenver i got a pimple on one cheek, a pimple would appear later that week on the EXACT opposite side. Also, every winter, my skin gets almost totally clear of acne but it all returns in Spring, ie. September, ie NOW. Lol man i hate my skin
  2. 110 posts now thanks to you, oh wait 111 thanks to my response to your intolerance. Its still here because its working for people who are willing to try it. Why not be happy that its clearing up people's acne, why be so angry? This is your second negative post. I thought discussing successful methods to clear acne and supporting people in their journey to clear skin was sort of the point of this site....I must be confused. Must only be certain cures that are acceptable to certain people
  3. Like wanabeacnefree said, maybe chinese medicine would be beneficial. Western mediicne is evidence based, chinese medicine is experience based. i tried it for a while and it seemed to work, though it ended up too pricey for me
  4. Not from personla experience, i'm still hoping at age 20 BUt i asked my uncle and dad and they said their acne faded in their early twenties which would probably mean about 23. You can't just place a limit on 22, there's always going to be people who lose acne at different times since eveyones unique
  5. It wasn't that bad to start off with! I see lots of people at uni with worse. BUt i understand how it can affect you. A huge change btw, looks great
  6. i can't believe this thread is still here! 109 posts, wtf, this was here i was on
  7. Haha i prefer dark restaurants too. Like Dee above just said, if your acne really is quite visible, she would have already seen it. And it sounds like it hasn't fazed her one bit so far, so just relax and be grateful for it Lots of male acne sufferers would love to be in your position! Good luck, hope it works out
  8. Yes, my heart beat is up but lol you just have to say it's ridiculous. I would be scared on a lonely night with a 'demon child' but really they never show them hurting people, just knocking stuff about. Even if they could touch you, why wouldn't you be able to touch back ie hit back? Or suck them up in a vacuum cleaner haha Put the video on mute and it will be much better
  9. "hello im from argentina and this video its very scary. I dont sleeping for two days " LOL that's hilarious, only a true non-english speaker could come up witht that I ususally find i love programs on ghosts. I don't believe in them, but think it would be cool to experience it sometime. I will wtahc the video now, lol if i don't comment back i probably died. Surely can't be that scary...
  10. Well i was using it for months but nooo i got greedy and tried the ACV with oil wash methods. All i ended up with was breakouts. So from tonight, i've gone back to Bio-oil . I found in the past, that it's great for keeping my cane in check and in turning those fresh red marks leftover into brown marks and even nothing at all. As for indents, i cannot say... I've also learnt to exfoliate recently (yes about time huh ) so maybe this will help with the Bio-oil do its work better. I'll update in a
  11. Don't worry, you did the right thing. Of course, you shouldn't REALLY care what he says, but if he disrespects you in the process then getting upset is justifiable. Don't get too hung about it, there's too many immature idiots in the world
  12. I only know of 1 person with acne worse than me. A friend who's acne is as severe as it can possibly get on the face. It's easy to feel sorry for him but he gets himself out and about without a care in the world. He's totally himself, really eccentric, and hence is popular with everyone. Plus he has a girlfriend. An acne role model really
  13. That's just nauseating and unbelievable. I mean you just joined this org today