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  1. So i have some rolling scars on one side of my face..and i am on my second treatment of a-tane.. it will be 2 months the 22nd of this month.. and my question is it is possible that accutane could help smooth out my skin where those scars are at? My derm. that i had when i took a-tane for the first time said for me not to worry about scarring because vitamin a which of course accutane is pretty much made up of, was used to help scars..and since on accuatne your skin can get really dry and peel...
  2. who would have guessed that an acne forum would be debating about the existance of God.. I know there is a God all you have to do is walk outside your door and see our world and how it is structured to know that He does exist and he loves us... with that being said.. I have acne and i have moderate acne scarring..i have been dealing with this for 6 years now..i look in the mirror sometimes and ask GOd why am i still breaking out why do i have scars..why can't this be over.. through hards
  3. My dermatologist told me that i have rolling scars on my cheeks from acne and i was just wondering if anybody has had or has rolling scars and what kind of treatment you have gotten done. thanks ;-)
  4. It is so hard to feel confident in oneself and not feel depressed when your face has acne on it. I for one am excited that MTV is doing a TRUE LIFE-I have acne episode. I saw a little snip-it of it on a TRUE LIFE preview. I hope that the true life will shine the light on acne and hopefully open the minds of those who do not have acne to think twice before they make fun of ppl because they have "bad" skin.
  5. So i was wondering if anybody has used mineral make-up and which ones you have found to be the best? I ordered sheer cover online and i am hopeing it will cover red spots and breakouts thanks
  6. i feel your pain! but you shouldn't give up.
  7. awww thanks you made my day! :-D

  8. well for me personally it is hard to say...i have had post acne marks for about 6 years,when i started getting bad breakouts. i think haveing acne is much more depressing and stressful than having post acne marks because those can be covered with make-up. but haveing real scars left over from the acne can be just as horrible as having acne itself because scars can't always be covered up with make-up. The problem becomes that once the acne was gone i wanted to go out without any make-up like ever
  9. Yo beautiful ;)

  10. I have been using retin a micro for like almost a month now and i really don't see much results. my derm. put me on retin a to clear up the existing bumps on my face and he said that it would get red of the red spots which is my main problem..but i don't know..i have just started using Apple Cider Vinager as a toner..and from what ppl are saying on these message boards it does miracles even to post acne marks..so i guess i will see..i would continue to use the retin a though and maybe something
  11. This may be a stupid question but i was kind of confused so i wanted to know if the only thing for this toner to work is just the APple CIder Vinegar? SO all i have to do is just buy the APV and then apply it to my face like a toner? well i am going to try it out an hopefully (knock on wood) it will work on my red spots thanks