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  1. I just ordered the product and I wanna know how long should I wait to see the results.
  2. Yd231998

    Cheek acne

    Okay guys my problem with my acne is i only have acne on my cheeks and i don't know why. i am super insecure about my skin i hate it i really hate it because nothing seems to work at all i've tried all kinds of other products but nothing works. its getting worse day by day and i am getting sad everyday. i need help plzzz someone help me because this is not where i wanna be anymore i am tired and i am about to give up with everything i hate acne and i dont know why but i only have cheek acne and
  3. Yd231998

    my acne journey

    I ordered acne.org today and i ordered this product because I've seen good reviews and i am frustrated with my acne. i only have acne on my cheeks and i am waiting on this product to help me and clear my face. Never give up specially when you're insecure about your acne just be happy and work on it immediately never ever just sit their and think about it all the time.