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  1. are those scars or redmarks? if they are scars I'm screwed then cuz mine is similar
  2. somebody help me please. I'm on tane for 2 weeks 40mg/day. I weigh 180lbs. I don't want to use it after june, so basically I'll be on it for 80 days. 40mg/day for 80 days going to be enough? (I have a mild acne and trying to get rid of all at once) The total dose will be like 50mg per kg at the end. Is that a very low number? I'm afraid that it won't help me and maybe my body will think it's the beginning and continue my initial breakouts instead of curing everything. Any help would be apprec
  3. Hi guys, I'm 80kg(180lbs). My doctor gave me accutane of 40mg/day for 3 or 4 months. Let's say, I'll use it 100 days(14 weeks), it comes up to 4000 mg inside the body. However, I've read that 120mg per kg should be done. Instead of getting 10,000mg, I'll be done with 4,000mg. Considiring my acne being very mild, a few daily, mostly red marks,(I want to stop actives so that red ones will fade by time), is that a reasonable dosage? Should I get higher or will that be enough to cure my actives in
  4. I have a question: How many times do you wash your face and do regimen stuff. Twice a day?
  5. What will happen if I continue accutane? My reason for getting accutane is getting rid of active ones first of all.(usually a few breakouts) I'm 20. I hope it'll start growing from those areas also. It is redness, not scars thank God. About the regimen, what kind of medicine is that? Or is it something like a gel? I don't know anything about it. Would any doctor know it? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, It's my 10th day on accutane right now. Will accutane help the redness/red marks fade? I'm adding my pictures. I need help. Should I just wait 3-4 months until I'm done with accutane and see what I can do with the red marks or is it all going to be fine after accutane? And just to be sure, those are not scars right? Is there a chance I can have scars after 2-3 years? My right side: http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/1378/ds...3600x450qa3.jpg My right side again: http://img40
  7. I think you should wait man. Your just 15 year old and still in the puberty period. Wait until 18-19 at least, if you still breakout acne then, you might want to try accutane. Even if you try accutane right now, there is a high chance that everything might repeat since you are very young. Edit: And yeah, as far as I know, accutane age limit should be 14
  8. Thank you very much for your response. Does accutane help those red marks? If not what should I do? It's been 4-5 months I've been having the redness and I am trying to find a way to cure it. Or all I need is just time?(or should I have dermabrasin/laser or something else)
  9. I'm adding some pictures. I'd appreciate any help. Are those scars or just redness? I get this redness on my left and right bottom side of my face after breakouts. The acne goes away and in one week it becomes a red mark or redness in the whole area. Accutane will help me? Right now it's my 10th day of accutane and I want to get rid of my actives as well as redness. On my 10th day, I'm breaking out more than I used to. If you say accutane will help it after a couple months, I'd be the happiest
  10. Hey guys I'm new here. I'm a 20 year old male and I don't break out that much active acne actually. But there is some redness from my old acne on my left and right bottom side of my face. I don't think they are scars. Does accutane help the redness? I want to get rid of the some active ones as well as the red marks/redness on some part of my skin. What should I do to get the redness fade away? Does accutane affect it?