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  1. I have lots of friends... They are all great friends and would certainly go out of their way to help me. But none of them really understand me, that's probably for the best
  2. I too am in your situation. However I really would like to say something very much in your favor, you say you want a girlfriend, be glad you are not one of those people who feels they need one. My anwser is, if you want to actually get a good relationship, you have to festina lente, make haste slowly. I am in the same boat as you and it is not always best to totally forget about love and relationships, otherwise you will miss them when they come along. Simply practice being an approchable guy
  3. Nope, everybody sees me, and most of the time its meant to be that way
  4. In my opinion -- ive put that in bold because a lot of my friends reacted angrily too this statement Rufus Wrainwright's version is a lot better than Buckley's because it is faster, more loud and just has more feeling.
  5. I had exactly this problem. I went over a year without ever crying. I could get my eyes to moisten, but never actual tears... It was quite distressing actually. Sadly there is no advice I can give, I just sat it out and eventually I was able to cry once (ironically when I didn't want too). The problem is that for alot of the time before this I could not control when I cried. I never cried at a funeral, but maybe one day someone would say something to me and I'd just have fits. I still, even now
  6. This topic is super funny as it took me 5 or 6 posts to realize that this topic wasn't about skateboarding!
  7. I know very much how you feel and exactly the same thing happened to me. It makes you feel sick and guitly doesn't it? You feel worse --> bitterness increases. I don't think there is any advice I can really give. How did I get over this problem? I didn't. I simply crushed my feelings away, never letting them out, I simply carried on with my life and they faded away.
  8. I don't mind people making assumptions, often they make the good ones
  9. I'm not much of an acne sufferer and its never bothered me, but coming here supports me in my issue of loneliness.
  10. This is the problem shyness breeds difficulty, I like shy girls but Its so hard to know if they like you and often I just feel that they are not interested. But be glad you are not caught into my problem of mistrust, seriously just be an idiot and make those silly little mistakes, the world will love you more
  11. Its a difficult problem that I've noticed in a fair few girls. Seriously don't fear doing something stupid, most guys would actually like it if a girl messed up or said something stupid, takes away that edge an the constant bloody horror at having to be perfect to impress. going into your shell is bad as it makes guys think you are not interested and that only results in possible heartbreak for both parties
  12. Nope, but what got me was that I am very outgoing and love to go out and hang with people. Then I worked it out, the fact is that I push away the girls who like me, I just dont trust them for some reason and I never believe that what they suggest or say is genuine. It gets me really down to talk about all this, its the bane of my life
  13. I remember looking out of my bedroom window on new years eve 2006, (no ones invited me to a new years party the last few years) and well. I thought to myself "2007 will be your year, it has to be!" But everything bad in my life seems to have happened this year, getting a terrible job, a horrible financial situation because I have to pay for uni myself, and having my one remaining dream blown away leaving me heartbroken and lost. why this year? why all at once?
  14. I have a different favorite film every year or so, this year its. Blood Diamond