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  1. I usually NEVER go out in public without makeup but today I had to run to pick up something real quick and all I put on was sunblock and a little powder to reduce the shine on my face. I didn't feel that great about it but I'm glad I did it.
  2. Parts of your story reminded me so much of myself. The parts about bright lights, standing far away, low self esteem in general. I have to say that the only thing that seems to keep me from totally becoming a prisoner in my own home is my family and friends. If not for them I think I would rarely leave home! I worry endlessly about whether my children will have the same skin problems as I do. I only hope I will be able to cure myself eventually so I can help them if they have acne. Thank
  3. I got part of another serving down this morning. I'll try different juices to see what one is best. I think putting the straw towards the back of the mouth works good too. I think I burped this crap for about 2 hours after I drank it. yuck! Oh, well. At least its good for you even if in the end it doesn't work on my skin. Time will tell.
  4. Sure will! I think i wil take some before pics. Although I hate cameras! Then if I get any better I will post the before & after. But only if i get better. hate to get my hopes up. I've tried a lot of different things but this forum has a ton more to try. Hope some of them work! Good luck to you!
  5. the shipping was cheaper on this site. and if you order over $40 the shipping is free. does the other website offer free shipping at all? I'll keep looking for more sites tonite also.
  6. I was told the powder absorbs better in your system - whch is unfortunate b/c I would much rather swallow a pill! that's what i was thinking. I found a web site that is cheaper too. www.iherb.com $10.63 for 9 oz. I says it is 24 servings.
  7. I was told the powder absorbs better in your system - whch is unfortunate b/c I would much rather swallow a pill!
  8. do you know if there is any difference between using the powder and using the tablets?
  9. All I am doing for acne right now that has actually worked is staying away from dairy from a cow (the exception being yogurt) and foods with a high amount of sugar like fruit juices and honey. I also wash my face with Cetaphil soap and use Jojoba oil. Both of these things don't clear me up, but they don't break me out, either. I never found that anything topical really helped me aside from drying the pimples out with a mxture of colloidal silver and Benzymyacin (my own unique discovery!) I als
  10. what else do you do for acne? Do you take supplements or use anything topical?
  11. I prefer doing sea salt soaks. It does a better job and it doesnt have a terrible smell to it in my opinon
  12. that's exactly how i feel. like it would be like i don't care. oh well, i know i'm working on making my skin better, so one of these days i'll look pretty much the same with or without. right now i feel so ugly without, and at least i feel decent with.
  13. I hate unexpected visitors too ! I think its basically trial and error for each person when it comes to makeup for acne prone skin. Personally, I use Rimmel Anti-Fatigue during the day and Laura Mercier Oil Free at night. Neither of these have ever broken me out but I do think my skin would be better if I didnt wear them every day but right now thats just not an option do they cover the blemishes with out looking too cakey? I sometimes think that maybe people think i'm a pancake face becau