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  1. Thanks for your advice... might as well give it a go then! The only thing I'm a bit unsure about is adding moisturiser to my face, as it is already quite oily and never really feels dry.
  2. Hi there, I am a 25 yr old male who suffers from mild acne. I regularly get spots (mainly whiteheads) on my face and kneck, especially around the jaw area, but wouldn't describe it as anything more than mild acne. I also have fairly oily skin. Is anybody able to advise as to whether the acne.org regimen would still work for me? Many thanks!
  3. Thanks to everyone for their comments. It seems that my experience is not unusual. Two months still seems a long time period for the effects to kick in, but I guess there may have been other influences. I spent much of this time in Australia - I think the warm weather is good for my skin.
  4. I have used Dan's regimen for a couple of years with great success. However, around last November I wandered whether I still needed to use it. Due to the expense and effort involved in the regimen I deicided to give it a go not following it and just cleansing each morning. I continued not to use the regimen throughout November and December during which time I suffered very few spots and therefore thought it wasn't necessary for me to do it any more. However.... throughout January I had all so