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  1. Well I found out it will stay good forever basically, as long as it doesn't get wet or contaminated. but with all the people using this stuff, no one can answer my question? oO
  2. I'm going to Europe for 3 months, and will be making my first full size purchase of foundation and concealer. Will one pot be enough? How long does this stuff stay 'good' anyway? I see myself taking a very long time to finish things like eyeshadow. If I bought 2 pots of foundation (thinking of getting that 6 item custom kit), would the 2nd still be ok for awhile if the 1st one takes a long time to finish?
  3. Actually I tried Light Pink today (had it for a like a year and never did lol), and I really liked how it turned out. I did half with/half without and I found it made my complexion nicer and eyes fresher (minimized bags). I'm thinking there must be more to pick me up pink besides no shimmer, since it's in the concealer section (thicker coverage?) I have in the garden, which I like, so maybe I will try autumn afternoon. I have on the phone and hot chocolate, and you're right they are too light
  4. Pick Me Up Pink - does it brighten your complexion? Cozy Night Lip Gloss - how does it look? I want red, I tried Girl's Day and it looks rusty-red on me, bleh. Chamomile, Floating Feathers, Bundled Up, Good China - do they work good as a highligher (like for browbone)? Oasis, Starry Eyed, Countryside, Autumn Afternoon, Baby Bath, Scented Candles, Comfy - comments? Earthy/gold tones look best on my eyes, any not listed here I have already Diary, Bedtime Story - I thought Well Being looked ba
  5. I got another free kit today from Everyday Minerals. The last samples I got looked good on my face, but too dark on the jawline, so this time I got the very lightest from 3 categories (beige, cool, neutral). Well the beige and cool ones blend very good with my jawline, but the rest of my face looks a bit washed out, and the red areas look pink. Also I noticed when looking at myself from straight on, my neck has slightly yellowish tones - which looks bad with a face that's pink. So I thought I ne
  6. hmm I thought this was a good section for my question, because it's not really about scars (except I guess that's what the little dents are). Is there somewhere better to ask? I'd really just like to find something that would smooth out my skin and even skin tone. Or is no one else offering suggestions because microdermabrasion and glycolic peels are the best choice? The dermatologist I went to only offers glycolic peels (everything else is botox, or filling in lines etc)...do you think it wo
  7. It's been almost a year since I got my free samples, I was wondering if my "Multi Task" is the same as "Multi-Tasking Neutral" that is listed on the site? Any suggestions on something between fairly light neutral and multi task? I want to order more samples but having a hard time figuring out what shades. I realize they are under different skin tones, the fairly light neutral is a tad too brown, the multi task is a tad too light, and maybe the wrong tone as it doesn't cover redness as good, jus
  8. When I read about foundation, usually it says the face is lighter than the body (or neck specifically)...well I'm the opposite, my face is a bit darker and pink in some areas (like sides of nose/cheeks), my body is very white. Last time I bought foundation, I had 2 shades picked out, the cosmetics woman tested both on me, and while the lighter one matched my skin tone more, the slightly darker one looked better...she just said I have to be careful with blending on the sides of my face. I think
  9. What chemical peel did you get? I thought that's what glycolic is? Or did you have one of the stronger types? When I went to the derm almost a year ago, he mentioned getting a series of glycolic peels Also what is extraction? I forgot about microdermabrasion, I'll look into that too, thanks
  10. I have found a regimen that keeps my acne at bay for the most part, now I would like to make my skin nicer. I have some red spots, some small bumps and dents, big pores, blackheads, plus - I don't think it's related to acne - my skin tone isn't even, like more red in some areas. Would getting something like a glycolic peel at the dermatologist fix these problems (and maybe treat the acne too, so it doesn't come back so easy)? Someone I know said she heard bad experiences with chemical peels, an
  11. Yeah I know, I was hoping for a quick answer...
  12. So I finally bought some ACV, I want to use it topically and internally, so do I apply it to my face after cleansing? And then moisturize? Do you have to drink it on a full stomach?
  13. I decided to stop taking two of my meds, the antibiotics are giving me yeast infections and the birth control pills completely killed my libido. I've been on the bc for 2.5months and the antis for almost a month. I'm worried that one of those is responsible for my skin clearing up though, and that I'll get more acne again if I stop.