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  1. oh i`ve done that too ur not alone just out of interest, how do u tell someone that ur asleep or not at home when they call without it lookin kinda odd #-o
  2. when the body is stressed it releases stress hormones (Duuuh) sooooo if you are not sexually active you will probably have more acne than someone who is because they will be more relaxed and stress free. Thats why animal makes mean remarks.... he doesn`t get any
  3. i think animal is prolly a kid so i`m going to stop making him feel bad
  4. i think he has a store of these pictures coz he aint clever enough to use words for a funny reply GO BULLS GO!!! yayyyy gimme a B
  5. i`m better in sum ways but not in others. Like i think i can handle more stuff now cos of acne but it still grates on me that i hjave it and makes me feel more anxious in social situations; when im not avoiding them althogther that is!
  6. These are rather obvious statements but, acne isn`t life threatening.....before you start shouting at me, no ... i`m not giving a lecture about the fact that there are worse diseases and ailments etcetera...What i am really trying to say is that we all have a duty to ourselves to set our soul free. There is nothing physically wrong with us that prevents us from carrying out any activity that a person with clear skin can. Moreover, I have seen plenty of people that do not care how they look ...
  7. True, but who gives...it's called free speech...be glad it's not feces....
  8. What a nice forum, lets all post sarcastic pictures that everyone has seen a zillion times. ISn`t this a thread supposed be about suicide, im new here so maybe you do things a lil different.... [-( 8-[ [-o< [-X ({|=