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  1. Why do you need your boyfriend's permission to order acne products? (That's mostly rhetorical and I don't expect you to answer since it's not my business, but it sounds really strange.) If it's a credit card issue, you can send cash or a check.
  2. I was thinking about doing this at one point and I looked into buying SA powder online. If you do this, make sure you get pharmaceutical-grade SA, not reagent-grade SA. I remember seeing people selling SA on ebay, and it was reagent-grade. You don't want that on your face--it's not as pure and the manufacturing process can leave harmful chemical residues. I never checked with pharmacies to see if they'd sell me SA powder, but the chemical companies that sell pharmaceutical-grade SA will onl
  3. I used to have that problem. I found that Cetaphil cleanser for normal to oily skin (NOT the regular creamy stuff that feels like vaseline) and the acne.org face wash work well for me - they clean my skin but don't dry it out.
  4. If your're in the US: When I buy vitamins/mineral supplements I try to get stuff that is US Pharmacopeia certified. They put a little symbol on the bottles with a USP on it. Basically it means that the USP tested it and found that the tablets are pure/not contaminated and contain what they say they do. Most of the certified brands are really cheap, too - there's a list here.
  5. I think Dan has been recommending glycolic acid (AHA) as a spot treatment for pimples. It worked really, really well when I tried it. I used the Alpha Hydrox brand 8% AHA exfoliating cream.
  6. Where do you live? I've seen Alpha Hydrox brand at Long's in California (both times it was on a bottom shelf, and near moisturizers rather than acne products). I think some people also find it at Rite Aid.
  7. I know it's tough to find Alpha Hydrox products, and until Dan's AHA comes out, it's one of the only AHAs available. Long's Drugstore (a US chain) has Alpha Hydrox products on 50% off sale this week. I found White Basic Skin Care - Face AHA Exfoliating Cream - 8% Glycolic AHA (a newish product) in a brick-and-mortar store this week. The sale is also good on orders from the Long's website, which has both the 8% exfoliant ($4) and the AHA Oil Free Extra Strength stuff ($5.45). People here seem
  8. Milk of Magnesia would interfere with BHA - Milk of Magnesia is kind of alkaline, and BHA needs to be at a low pH to work.
  9. I've been using Acne.org products for a long time and really like them, but the cleanser that arrived today was leaking. The shrink wrap was mostly sealed, so it didn't go too far, but the empty space between the pump and the shrink wrap is filled with cleanser. The pump can be pumped even through the shrink wrap... SUGGESTION: a lot of products sold in pump bottles can be "locked" by pushing the pump down and turning it, so that no product can be squeezed out. If you stay with the pump bot
  10. I'm not sure why you're limited to 10% bp, but I used to mix 10% bp lotion (the sort that comes in a squeeze bottle, like Oxy--this wouldn't work with cream) with some water and some moisturizer to dilute it to a lower strength before putting it on my face. You could try that.
  11. I just got two tubes of BP gel in the mail, and there was clear packing tape wrapped around the ends of the tubes. I'm guessing that was done to make sure they don't open up in the mail, but it seems strange since every other time I've ordered the packages have been professionally shrink-wrapped on the ends instead. I want to make sure this isn't a sign that someone tampered with the BP gel while it was in the mail, opening them and then re-sealing them with packing tape. Has anyone else g
  12. I had the same experience as card00d85--the tracking online made me think it'd be a while before I got it, but I ended up getting it 2 days after I ordered. My order was shipped by Priority Mail and I live on the East Coast (in a big city).