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  1. I'm going back in today to have him take a look. It's gone from being hard and nodule like, to soft and more cyst like, so I'm hoping that's a good thing? So you had no permanent denting from two shots? That's good to know. But yes I paid $120 out of pocket because I don't think my insurance covers it, as it's not really a sickness or emergency I don't think.. You're lucky to get them so cheaply, I'm jealous haha, but thank you!
  2. Yea, I really don't like this derm but he's the only one I can see without waiting weeks/months. So he shot me up on Thursday and it's now Monday and it's still huge and isn't really budging. He said to come in if it's not gone by now, but I think it's too early for another cortisone shot, so I don't know what he would be able to do. The free sample of 5% BP he gave me seems to have helped more than the $120 cortisone shot.. I thought the shots were supposed to work miracles ugh. Maybe I shou
  3. thanks for your reply Karen I went in to have him look at it and he just laughed at me and said to give it a few days, totally denying that it got bigger. So awesome..
  4. I had a huge cyst shot yesterday around 6pm and now it's 8am and it's twice the size if not more.. is this normal? It seems for some people it swells before it heals and for others it just heals.. depends on the severity maybe? Anyone have any experience with a cortisone shot making their cyst bigger? I'm so miserable and worrried.. had to cancel a special date I've been waiting for for months because of this monster on my face.
  5. Ok since I posted this I've been to two plastic surgeons, and they both don't understand how subcision would help, and they keep trying to sell me lasers and expensive excision. I broke down crying at one of the appointments because they act like the only thing that can help me is lasers which I refuse. It just feels hopeless. The plastic surgeons also act like anyone who says they had positive results with subcision are liars too, which is so nice of them to say. Should I go speak with some d
  6. Im sorry...Im thinkin about cats again! hehe


  7. Thanks for the reply ! About what percentage of improvement would you say you had with each treatment? And any problems with the scars re-attaching over time or anything?
  8. Has anyone had lasting results from subcision alone, without fillers or a fat transfer, etc? I'm wondering because I can't afford temporary fillers, and was wondering if, with a just few subcision treatments, the results are permanent? Or does the scar return to the way it was without some kind of filler to prevent that from happening? Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  9. My acne is diet related, but is made worse when my hormone levels fluctuate. I have pains mid-cycle/ovulation, and for me it's caused by the amount of dairy I had the month prior. The more dairy I had, the longer the mid-cycle pain lasted and the more severe it was. I believe I have cysts, I need to get an ultrasound to confirm. My PMS cramping is also related to my dairy consumption. However I know my testosterone levels are above normal, but unfortunately I've never done much about it yet.
  10. I was diagnosed by my naturopathic doctor as being underweight because of a gluten intolerance and severe leaky gut, and once they were taken care of, I was able to gain and keep weight on again, and along with that my acne cleared up tremendously. Just something to look into if you've exhausted the other possibilities and are still suffering from being underweight w/ acne.
  11. I noticed that with using Everyday Minerals foundation, it actually helps dry up and heal my spots better than any topical I've used. The makeup has never broken me out either.
  12. I recommend stopping the B5 and focus on the real cause of it. Don't treat the symptom, treat the problem, and then you'll no longer have the symptom. I used to take an assortment of pills a day, which did nothing but waste my money. It wasn't until I stopped eating food with dairy and wheat in it, and worked on healing my gut and eating more healthy food, that my acne stopped completely. Acne is often a sign that something is wrong and it's best to find out what it is and take care of it as
  13. I had the same problem as you. The same symptoms, same answers from the doctors. They would just tell me to eat more, but it never helped me to gain weight. I finally went to a naturopathic doctor, who suspected a gluten intolerance (I had been gluten free for a few months months prior, which helped immensely) and a damaged GI tract, and she put me on natural GI repair supplement pills. After about a month or two I noticed I was finally putting weight on again, and foods that normally gave me
  14. I got rid of my SD completely by a combination of a gluten, dairy, sugar, and yeast free diet (but no anti-fungal supplements), plus just a few applications of an anti-fungal cream. I also had it were you do, nose and forehead. If you cannot be as strict with your diet, perhaps you could just try an anti-fungal cream from your doctor.
  15. I haven't the time to check out those articles at the moment, but for me personally, the horrible hormonal/pms acne I had for years practically disappeared once I started on a strict anti-candida diet. And this is before I began on antifungal supplements--just cutting out gluten, sugar,yeast, etc.. No detox or probiotics.