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  1. I'm glad the drug worked for you, and you do look great. Don't have to wonder if you'll be waking up with a new breakout in the morning.
  2. Regarding the jojoba oil: How do you apply it to the skin? Just pour some in your hands and rub it in? Won't you look shiny?
  3. So how are things going with you guys trying this new regimen? Is pantethine working or not?
  4. While on B5 I definitely experienced noticeable hairloss. When combing just the front after a shower, I'd have 5 or six hairs with each comb stroke.
  5. <Bump> Have you found out what's been causing your problems yet?
  6. Okay, thanks. How come it's so important to drink lots of water when on B5?
  7. Is it safe to drink alcohol when you're megadosing B5? I'm currently on 5 grams a day (started 6 days ago). Thanks.
  8. You could wait until you get the results from your blood tests, if it's not a long wait. Guess it could still be glandular fever, who knows. Hope it's not related to B5. Good luck and keep us posted on what happens and how the final diagnose turns out.
  9. Thank you for your reply, Krg. Then I think I'll just take the the capsules from B5 supplements, a normal vitamin supplement and Udo's Choice flax seed oil.
  10. Is it okay to use a multivitamin supplement when you're on B5? I'm currently using one from Solaray. Has anyone tried B5 from www.b5supplements.co.uk/? Are they any good? Is it necessary to use a B-complex in addition to the B5 capsules if they already contain other B-vitamins too (like the B5 supplement from Evolution-X)? Can I take essential fatty acids together with B5?
  11. Hi XGamerX. Does this regime help against cystic acne? I've got cystic acne mainly on my back, and I'm getting sick of it. Thanks.
  12. Have anyone here tried products from MD Formulations containing salicylic acid, or just products containing salicylic acid in general? There's something called "Vit-A-Plus Body Clearing Complex Spray", which you can use on your body to control breakouts. Has anyone got any experiences with this? Does products containing salicylic acid bleach your clothes the way benzoyl peroxide does? Also, does deep cleansing and exfoliating (performed in special skin care salons) help reduce acne (by re