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  1. i use the cetapphil face cream for dry sensitive but i noticed at the store they have a new Cetaphil® DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.....anyone tried both and notice a difference in dryness??
  2. but will the jojoba will penetrate your pore better if you apply it first?
  3. in the morning, after cleansing should I apply the jojoba oil before the moisturizer or after? odes it matter?
  4. So my bangs and the tips of my eyelashes are bleach. Most likely from be being careless and smearing moisterizuer and jojoba oil and rubbing my eyes. I will now be very very carefull but how long would it take for it to fade away? 3 weeks?
  5. I read this by someone is this true "One problem: benzoyl peroxide is an oxidizing agent and will prevent your skin from healing as quickly as it can, and will cause skin aging. It works VERY well against acne, but I've used it for the past three years and I think it has contributed to some aging around my eyes and on my forehead (I know have wrinkles that I didn't have... I'm only 23). It ages your skin like excessive skin exposure can."
  6. I have been on the regimen for about2 years. I have had clear skin for about the past year. I'm all cleared up with no pimples besides the occasional flare up. My problem is that my skin gets so oily with 2 hours of washing up in the morning. I use cetaphil face wash and w hen I get out my skin is perfect, but within 2 hours my nose starts getting oily, then my ofrehead, then my cheeks. I could use the abosrobing sheets but even then an hour later it will get oily again! I want to fix the
  7. I'm have wrinkles because of the dryness. My face is clear and barely any more acne. I'm reading about Neutrogena Healthy Skin night edition and it's supposed to help clear up the wrinkles. Questions 1)I read that this lotion is an AHA. Do I use it every night? Will my face become red? Do I start off gradually? 2)What is the diffrence between the night edition and the one with SPF? I'm guessing the SPF is for the morning?