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  1. Yeah, i'm in there - but it was one of my earlier posts, before the acne struck back. I got to something like 80% clear, much improved and thought it was totally going to clear, but it never did. Turned out i, like most people tried various cures for things and improved a heck of a lot, but never got totally clear - and then realised that it wasn't leaky gut, candida, high gi, carbs, lack of omega 3, lacking vitamins, or any of the other theories on the forum, it simply turned out to be just a c
  2. Time for an update - It's still working a treat for me. I did stop it for a while, to see if my problem had been cured, but the acne came back. I have a healthier lifestyle now, so i only need to take 1g of taurine a day (which is safer i guess) to maintain, and occasionally have to increase it if i eat lots of rubbish or had a late night drinking. Every now and again some rubbish is fine, but just not to excess. All i'm doing is watching my diet, and fitness. So i exercise (currently lifting w
  3. Nobody but you can really tell you if thats going to work, without knowing your age, background (diet, fitness etc) and acne problems it's hard to say if that may help or not. It doesn't sound like a bad thing, but it's not a magic bullet that cures all acne - i would hope it makes your healthier and feel better. Watchout for NAC, don't breathe it if you by the powered form and use only very small amounts as it's very potent and has some nasty side effects: Adverse reactions reported with oral
  4. Ummm less than your eating now? :) Seriously, everyones different, rda's are totally meaningless - it's something you'd need to work out for yourself. Go for low sugar options, cut down on snacks, avoid too many process foods - if that improves your acne over a period of a month or so, keep removing sugar or try somethings that help combat all the bad things sugar does - i just posted some things i've done/do in the other sugar thread. But i can believe sugar affects you, cos it certainly affe
  5. Sugar is terrible! But it doesn't cause acne, otherwise every person you know who has a "bad" diet and eats processed food, bread, sweets, sauces, biscuits, pies, cakes, doughnuts, cereal etc would have acne, and they don't. But it definitely can be a contributing factor, if your body can't deal with it. When i went to zero sugar, i felt really ill - headaches, fatigue, feeling depressed, all the symptoms you'd get from a drug withdrawal, then you get the cravings - definitely a dangerous drug.
  6. Agreed - Do not take megadoses of anything for anyreason! You'll just be overloading organs even if you do get a positive response! Taurine has a few effects, and is a diuretic so you'll most likely do more damage than good! Bodybuilders have been taking taurine for a long time, the usual dose appears to be 5g per day (for a reasonably fit bodybuilder with a good diet and exercise routine). Most of us have been sticking to 3g or less per day with some breaks (i take a day off every couple of
  7. I'd imagine that anyone sensitive to sugar will struggle with bananas - seeing as it's mostly made up of sugar (most fruit is considered healthy because of vitamins + minerals + protein + fibre + sterols + antioxidants + water, not because it's full of sugar - we get way too much of that these days, sugar is not essential!). Average make up of a medium banana fat < 3% protein < 4% carbs ~93% Sugar ~58% Glucose ~50% Fructose ~50% Maltose < 0.1% Of course you could simply have a
  8. Well it's been just over a year since i started using taurine. I can't believe this has been unpinned! What heresy is this? I still owe Lilly a huge debt! Thanks to taurine & a low fructose diet i have my acne under control - not cured, but i can control it. When i stop taking the taurine & other supplements or eat badly then i get a few spots, no where near as bad as before, but the spots still appear. But this combo works great for me and i guess the others that tried it and no longer
  9. Ouch - I'm really sorry to hear that happened. I always worry about things like this happening, especially as a similar thing happened to me with cod liver oil, although not as bad as in your case. Under the many desperate attempts i had to "cure" my acne with a magic supplement bullet, i followed the advice on here to swap from o3 fish oil, to cod liver oil and ramp it upto 3g's per day. I did this for two weeks. After taking my last teaspoon for that day i started feeling dizzy. Then my vision
  10. Have your LGS and holistic diets kept you clear for good? If so, please come back and let us know and keep helping those who need.

  11. I can eat a small amount of cheese without breaking out, but even a small glass of milk gives me a flare up. I can't quite tell about yoghurt, sometimes i think it's ok, then out of the blue i get some new spots and i wonder if it was something else i had. I'm still using Taurine & glutamine, c & b vitamins daily, and aslong as i don't eat too much sugar (especially fructose - which includes fruit!) i can stay 100% clear, i have a very low tolerance to most sugars. You could try reducing
  12. Definitely worth a try - i've been using a natural deoderant called pit-rok (you can buy this at boots so is easily available and not too expensive as it lasts a while) which is one of those natural things (although i don't know if it's exactly the same as the one your using but sounds pretty similar). The most important thing will be washing your face and leaving it slightly damp not totally wet, as that seems to be the most effective way of using the products (for what they are designed for).
  13. Interesting looking book you might like to read The Sugar Fix http://news.ufl.edu/2008/04/01/fructose-3/
  14. Good advice - that's been my "new" diet thing for a while now - if a food or any supplement contains some cheap filler garbage then don't eat it, don't look at it, don't buy it. You can tell it's cheap and garbage cos they put it in everything, so soy, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, rapeseed oil, MSG etc. Check this tiny little paragraph from the US department of health PCP report 2007 That tells me all i need to know about corn & soy products! The only problem is of course, i
  15. It depends on many factors - if you swap a diet of processed meats, bread, sweets, fast food, tinned foods, cereals, snacks (all full of "added" sugar, and many times the fructose of fruit and lacking in fibre) for raw foods then most people would probably see an improvement and get it under control (although if they swapped back to the bad diet then they would be back to square one - so they haven't beat it, just brought it under control). There was a "evolution" diet on a bbc food program a wh